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Ed Taylor – It’s Complicated

ItsComplicatedFormer Motown session guitarist Ed Taylor performed his Wes Montgomery- and George Benson-inspired guitar licks for years at small clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Taylor began his playing at the young age of 13 – He grew up in Los Angeles and was heavily influenced by George Benson, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

After Songs From A Taylor (2007) and TaylorMade (2005) he has released his third album It’s Complicated in 2012. The album is still available in all stores.

Motown Moe – Its Complicated

Motown Moe is a Detroit area producer and keyboard player with six CD’s to his credit. Moe’s playing style ranges from Herbie Hancock to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Motown Moe has worked with the likes of fellow producer and keyboardist Nate Harasim, guitarists Daniel Domenge, DF Michael, James Davis, and Mike James, along with sax players Randy Sherwood, and Martin Sharpe.

His previous albums range from chill, r&b, to smooth jazz. Motown Moe describes his sound as very relaxing and soothing to the soul and spirit, classy music to warm your heart and mind. Moe’s influences include Greg Karkus, Marcus Johnson, Kevin Toney, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber, and Nate Harasim.

This album is a filled with uptempo chill & smooth jazz styles influenced by Dexter Wansel, Dancing Fantasy, Brian Culbertson and Bob Baldwin and with urban cool instrumentals that take you on a trip through time and space. Please kick back relax and put your headphones on, as you want to fully enjoy this fantastic musical ride, given by Motown Moe. Its Complicated here at CDBaby.

Ed Taylor – It’s Complicated

Smooth jazz is tailor made to uplift the lives of everyday people in this long-awaited offering from jazz guitarist, Ed Taylor. Several pieces have already been pegged as sophisticated, crowd pleasing cuts by industry insiders.

Aside from being the absolute nicest person you’d ever want to meet, Ed Taylor is one of the most experienced and talented guitar players around. You can reel off his accomplishments – Motown session guitarist, opening act for Bachman Turner Overdirive, played more clubs than he can remember since the 60’s – but what really gets you about Taylor is a little more basic.

For one, the guy smiles all the time – especially when he wrangles amazing licks from his electric guitar. He’s humble – even though he could smoke your butt with rootsy jazz-blues notes: he keeps it balanced and in perfect step with the songs. And his voice … what an honest, open, blue-collar voice – smooth as velvet, with just a hint of Stevie Wonder. The way Taylor wraps his voice around a song, you feel like somebody ought to turn off the lights.

His newest offer It’s Complicated just arrived at CDBaby.