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John Gregorius – Full Of Life

Full Of Life, the third album on the Spotted Peccary label from composer and guitarist John Gregorius, is a free flowing, sincere set of compositions brought to life by the time-honored ensemble of guitar, bass, and drums, all richly augmented by synth ambiances, electronic beats, and ambient guitar atmospheres. Moody and elegant, the album’s melodic passages and tonal textures guide the listener on a delightful discovery of painted vistas and unfolding beauty.

Imbued with a sense of freedom, the music on Full Of Life remains unified and cohesive while at the same time not confined to the boundaries of one sound as it moves effortlessly through styles ranging from ambient to melodic to post rock. Uninhibited and natural, the ten guitar-centric tracks feel honest and pure with an emotional blend of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, and percussion. Tensions build and release creating a sense of drama as the music eases through moments of lush orchestration, gentle melodies, mysterious ambiances, and memorable cinematic peaks. Echoes of Gregorius’ earlier works are prevalent, and on Full Of Life he successfully weaves his love of acoustic finger-style guitar, ambient electric guitar, thoughtful orchestrated leads, and in-the-pocket rhythmic grooves into a free and easy blend of music that is both accessible and meaningful.

Full Of Life represents a natural progression and growth for John Gregorius. A change of scenery resulted in a shift of inspiration and a renewal of his creative energy when, after finishing his last album (2016’s Still Voice), John pulled up stakes from Southern California and relocated inland to the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona. Surrounded by majestic saguaro cactus, mesquite brush, and palo verde trees, Gregorius instantly felt at home immersed in the mountainous desert landscape. “I have found the desert to be a deeply spiritual place” Gregorius explains. “The solitude, openness, resilience, mystery and life in spite of the sometimes harsh and difficult landscape, leads one to contemplation of a bigger meaning and understanding our true selves. This meditation of creation and Creator is the unifying color and design of this recording. My hope is that it brings a sense of being awake and alive…Full of Life.”

While, for Gregorius, Full Of Life embodies the deep spirit of renewal brought about by his new life in the Sonoran desert, the simple beauty realized in the album’s wide open sonic vistas and captivating spaces lifts all listeners to a place of joy and wonder as the music flows through each mood and moment like vital water through a desert arroyo; fluid, graceful, inviting, and refreshing.

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Chet Nichols – Desert Sunrise

Chet Nichols is an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, producer, recordist and multi-instrumentalist from the United States. He has toured extensively all over the USA and has lived in numerous cites including: Chicago, Los Angeles, Boulder, San Francisco, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and more. He has written over 2,000 songs/compositions and has produced 30+ CDs of original material.

Desert Sunrise is a collection of original instrumentals versions of songs that have lyrics. The style of the songs are easy-listening with a mix of jazz, pop, folk and soft rock flavors. It is a perfect album to enjoy by yourself or with family and friends.

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