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Iñaki Arakistain – Another Road

Iñaki Arakistain opens us to a musical concept unprecedented until now in Spain made by a saxophonist, in which groove music coexists, with influences from Brazilian music, Latin Funk, as well as recently merging Flamenco with those styles, thus enriching its new projects united by the common language of jazz.

He has released his 4th studio album Another Road, made up of excellent musicians from the national and international scene, full of good “Groove Latin” that mixes exotic sounds with roots as deep as Flamenco, Brazilian music, Afro-Cuban folklore and music. African-American as the Funk. Elegantly constructed harmonies and new sounds that travel towards a new musical direction from the most disturbing heart of this experienced and experimental saxophonist.

Another Road is to find on CDBaby.

Inaki Arakistain – Saxual

Spanish sax player Iñaki Arakistain is an in-demand musician in the music scene of Spain. According to his website he has already released three solo projects.

Tiempos de búsqueda was recorded in 2008, followed by PLAN B in 2010 and Saxual in 2014. On his newest project he is supported by Jonathan Badichi (trumpet and flugelhorn), Jorge Vera (keyboards), Israel Sandoval (guitar), Tomás Merlo (bass), Georvis Pico (drums), and Thomas Schindowski (vocals).

The album comprises six Arakistain originals and four instrumental covers. The journey begins with the dynamic Red Star and the in top form occurring main actor. The good flow is due to the great sax performance always ready to rise to peak exertion at the blink of an eye. The other musicians contribute to this through their perfect engagement.

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