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Charles Flores – Impressions of Graffiti

When Steely Dan was making hits in the 1970s, its leaders, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, were known for being perfectionists in the studio. Their writing and painstaking attention to detail with session players made every song a masterpiece.

It’s that same kind of approach that makes Impressions of Graffiti (Dafnison Music, 2013) a powerful vehicle for bassist Charles Flores. In sports, players are often told to “leave it all on the floor (or field),” a way of inspiring them to give their absolute best. Flores, 40, did that in his first – and last – recording as a leader.

Flores was unaware that he had cancer at the time of the recording. The disease claimed him on August, 22, 2012. The set of 11 original songs was recorded over three days in what’s been described as a lock-out, sleep-in-the-studio session.

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