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DjembeSol – Rhythm

West Coast recording keyboardist and guitarist Terrence Curtis presents groovy music under his stage name DjembeSol. In 2015 his debut album appeared with the title Hypnotic. Now follows his second release Rhythm (2018).

With five and six tracks respectively, the projects are manageable. Since they are unfortunately only offered for download, they are more for the digital fans among us than the collectors of CD gatherings.

So there is neither an artist website with biography to report, nor a credit list of the album. It may be assumed that Terrence recorded the whole music as a multi-instrumentalist, otherwise he would surely mention his fellow musicians. Even if these facts do not simplify the review for a critic, it is worthwhile to lose a few words because of the music.

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Four80East – Four On The Floor

The Toronto-based electro-jazz duo Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace have bundled their creative activities in the formation Four80East. They started with The Album in 1997, followed by Nocturnal (2001), Round Three (2002), En Route (2007), Roll On (2009), Off Duty (2012), Biblotheca (2013), and Positraction (2015). In 2014 they released the album Four80East LIVE and in 2016 a limited vinyl collection Cherry Picked.

Their new EP Four On The Floor is a musical business card inspired by their early days as House producers. The duo is joined on two tracks by vocalists CeCe Peniston and Wade O. Brown.

The title track is a highly danceable rhythm enhanced groovy tune with a savory horn background. The rhythm guitar is inspired by Nile Rodgers (Chic) and together with the steady hook line Four80East presents an ultimate dance floor hit.

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Christophe de Villa – Jazz and Soulful

Paris born Christophe de Villa started his musical career in a Rock band and performed later in Parisian funky bands. Addicted by the funky style of British guitarist Ronny Jordan (The Antidote) he soon played with his friends acid jazz and smooth jazz standards. But he is also a fan of the soulful house (deep house, garage, funky house).

On his new album Jazz and Soulful (2010) you will find all these musical elements combined in a mesmerizing mélange. Christophe comments: “I decided in two minutes that “Jazz and Soulful” had to be the name of this album. It was an evidence because it means exactly what is inside this CD: Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Funky-Jazz, Soul, Smooth-Jazz and House Music.”

When you want to learn anything about a musician, you have to listen to his music. Christophe’s album is an open book, because he puts all his influences into this nutshell. Foremost Christoph performs guitars, bass and synths on his project.

No wonder, that he launches the album with Wes Montgomery’s tune Jingles. Ask three guitarists, who is their idol and they will certainly answer “Wes”. Wes recorded this tune for his debut album The Wes Montgomery Trio – A Dynamic New Sound (1959). Somehow Wes build with his style for future genres like acid and smooth jazz. This raw and edgy organ sound in combination with Christophe’s elegant guitar riffs is a great flashback. Gabriel Midon shines on piano with expressive runs. And Christophe’s bass is the icing on the cake.

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Christophe De Villa – Jazz and Soulful

Christophe De Villa presents to you his latest full length album entitled Jazz and Soulful. De Villa hits his mark with a perfect shot with this 10 track long player of everything from Jazz, Funk, Drum N Bass and Soulful House. This project has taken over 2 years to complete and has been recorded with an array of Jazz musicians fused together with electronic rhythms.

With Jazz and Soul we see a perfect scan of Christophe’s musical imagination. Included in the LP is the collaboration track ‘You Are My Girl’ with the Enois Scroggins (ex-background singer for the Gap Band and Cameo) as well as a unique funk rendition of Hip – Hop artist 50 Cent’s ‘Window Shopper’.

Christophe comments: “I decided in two minutes that “Jazz and Soulful” had to be the name of this album. It was an evidence because it means exactly what is inside this CD. Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Funky-Jazz, Soul, Smooth-Jazz and House Music.”

The new CD will be out in April 2010 and is already available at Christophe’s website.