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Paul Hardcastle – Hardcastle 6

With millions of records sold worldwide over the last few decades, Master class producer/composer Paul Hardcastle has touched generations with his sexy, syncopated gold, spinning musical yarns that continue to move his rabid and burgeoning fan base at its core.

The Trippin ‘N Rhythm release of his latest offering Hardcastle VI, builds upon the rhythmic/dance foundation that established Hardcastle as the pre-eminent force in composing pulsating soulful sides that transcended race and genre.The early ground swell has already begun at radio with the multi-format leak of the lead single a brilliant mash-up of two period classics, Hardcastle’s  Rainforest and Marvin Gaye s What’s Going On, an intoxicating blend of Hardcastle s club beats providing perfect backdrop to Gaye s thought provoking musical question, bringing both new life.

Early indications signal another multi-format smash mixed and masterminded by his musical genius. With supporting sides like DC Boogie, Night Time Hustle and Into The Blue, Hardcastle’s signature rhythms reign throughout. With a nod to the past and his sights set firmly on the future ‘VI’ is certain to fan the flames already burning in his base and could once again obliterate the lines between genres taking his music again to heights he established early in the 80s with sales in excess of 4 million albums.