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Guy “Pop Du” Johnson – Life Is Good

Guy “Pop Du” Johnson was born in Long Island, New York where his parents exposed him to the wide range of performing arts of New York City. This exposure is where he developed his interest in music. Opera did and still does remain to be a part of his listening preference, which in turn helped him develop his unique tone on the curved soprano saxophone. He is the former CEO of Southwind Records of Columbia South Carolina, where he undertook many community projects and educational services. The Jasmine Supper Club, in Myrtle Beach, SC still remains to be one of his greatest achievements, where fine dining and live jazz was presented at it’s best.

Guy and his wife Linda is the only reason Myrtle Beach hosted national acts such as Bob James, Jimmy Smith, Spyro Gyro, Gato Barbieri, Kim Waters, Yellowjackets and many more. Currently Guy has released his national smooth jazz project titled Life Is Good produced by smooth jazz great Kim Waters. His life’s motto is “I would rather go through life with God than without God”. On this album Guy PopDu Johnson respectfully express through the curved soprano saxophone the emotions of Gato Barbieri and the spirit of Groover Washington. Life Is Good at CDBaby.