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Groove 55 – New Beginning

Groove 55 are Nicolas Chourot (guitars),  Yves Nadeau (basses), Jacques Mignault (keyboards).  In addition performs Yves Adam saxophone on two songs. The group is based in Montreal and Québec, Canada.

You can listen and download the album here.


Groove 55 – En Route

Groove 55 presents its new release En Route, an uptempo smooth jazz album, foot-tapping, rhythm blended & steeped in rich harmonic original melodies!

Collectively, the four band members bring decades of music experience to the project having worked with Oliver Jones, Gregory Charles, & Zachary Richard to name but a few. So it seems almost fitting that they would come together as a unified collective to share in their many years of creative experience and knowledge to create “En Route”.

The Groove 55 members, all very talented esteemed musicians, consists of Yves Adam (alto, tenor & soprano sax) a graduate of McGill’s music faculty in jazz performance as well as teaching saxophone at The Montreal International Jazz festival Blues Camp. Jacques Mignault (Rhodes, piano, clavinet, synths)studied alongside Art Roberts at Montreal’s Concordia University, he would later go on to win the inaugural grand prize of the Roland Synthesizer music contest among hundred’s of entrants spanning over 22 countries that was judged by the late great Oscar Peterson. Yves Nadeau (bass) is a veteran of the Montreal Jazz scene, having played hundred’s of shows on stages all over Quebec with his bands Solstice & Expresso.

Rounding out the Montreal quartet is Jacques Gagne (drums) he himself well known and ensconced early on with some of the biggest TV shows in Quebec and on the touring scene – Together they make up Groove 55 the number that has the remarkable property of being the 10th number of the Fibonacci suite and is the sum of the numbers 1 to 10…..The most important part is it’s groove and this band has it in spades with their new release En Route!

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