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Grace Kelly – Go Time Brooklyn 2

“I’m so excited to release GO TiME: Brooklyn 2 in time for my Korean debut at Jarasum Jazz Festival especially, because I am Korean-American. It features the latter half of the GO TiME: Brooklyn recording at the Systems 2 recording studio. Fans on our tour and online loved the dynamism and audio quality of the music in the first CD, plus the ability to watch the professionally filmed video footage online whenever they want,” Kelly says. “This second album keeps those same core elements while pushing the envelope musically to explore the sonic world where jazz meets electronic, contemporary, and pop influences.”

Songs from GO TiME: Brooklyn 2, which include “Gracified” covers of classic Rolling Stones and Ray Charles hits, have already been seeing significant traction online. BuzzFeed Video’s Facebook clip of Fish and Chips a dancing saxophone duet with Leo P of Too Many Zooz, has reached over 400,000 views. The soulful fan favorite Feels Like Home has garnered a Grand Prize in 2018 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

“These days, it feels like creating music is this complex, mysterious thing that’s locked up in a recording studio and out of reach for almost everyone. I don’t want my music to be like that, because music is meant to be about community and interaction and love,” Kelly explained. “That’s why I’m using technology to reach out to people around the world and make them feel like they’re right there with me when I’m creating and performing. There’s this amazing joy that happens, and it really just makes the music light up.”

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This album is released under Jazz Pop on CDBaby.

Grace Kelly – Go Time Brooklyn

Not to be confused with the famous Philadelphia-born actress who became Princess Grace of Monaco and died in 1982, the Grace Kelly profiled in this bio is a straight-ahead jazz saxophonist/singer who had several albums in her catalog before she was 17. The precocious New England native has made the alto sax her primarily instrument, but she also plays the tenor and soprano saxes — and Kelly can play clarinet, flute, acoustic piano, and drums, as well. At times, Kelly will put down her saxophone and sing, although she is an instrumentalist first and foremost.

Her new album Go Time Brooklyn is just released under Jazz Pop (What?) on CDBaby.

Various Artists – 9 Mile Road

9MileRoad9 Mile Road is a great compilation album which features an array of successful singles from current Woodward Avenue Records recording artists as well as our new recording artists on the label. This album is truly a multi-genre treat that reflects the way most people like to listen to music. Different artists and different sounds, but all great music. Artists featured on the album are Paul Brown, Jonathan Fritzen, Andre Delano, Joey Navarro, Tierra, Grace Kelly, Nate Najar, Michael J. Thomas, Melba Moore, Orrick Ewing, Sara Wasserman and “313 The D.”

Track Listing
1. Help Yourself (vocal) – Andre Delano
2. The Funky Joint – Paul Brown
3. Sweet Sweet Baby – Grace Kelly
4. “313 The D” – Detroit 141
5. Strawberry Moon – Joey Navarro
6. On My Own – David Lukens
7. Midnight Groove – Nate Najar
8. Groove Me – Nate Najar feat. Melba Moore
9. SWAG – Orrick Ewing
10. I Think About Amy – Michael J. Thomas
11. Friday Night – Jonathan Fritzen
12. Love Sneakin’ Up On You – Nate Najar feat. Sara Wasserman
13. Take You There – Tierra
14. Help Yourself (instrumental) – Andre Delano