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Steve Oliver – Global Kiss

He is smart, really! Steve Oliver has opened the wide world of keyboards sound to the guitar. With his NS1 (Nylon Synth) and the SH575 guitars in connection with the Roland (Boss) GR-33 guitar synthesizer he rules the stage. A thankful audience and fan base since several years is the result.

He has already several albums to his credit. First View (1999), Positive Energy (2002), 3D (2004), Radiant (2006), Snowfall (2006) and the DVD/CD feature One Night Live (2008) are to mention. His new album is entitled Global Kiss and released by Oliver’s own label SOM Entertainment.

Steve is joined on his new album by some of his earlier label mates like Darren Rahn, Nate Harasim, Will Donato or Alan Hewitt, members of Spyro Gyra like Tom Schuman and Boney B. and further top cats of the scene like Mel Brown, Larry Antonino, Humberto Vela, Bob Baldwin, Marion Meadows and more.

It looks like the time of cover albums is over. Steve has written all songs on his new CD. The starting tune Fun In The Sun describes his attitude of pure happiness. His nylon guitar sounds better than ever and his humming didn’t loose its charm. Nate Harasim underlines the song with some tricky sounds, while Darren Rahn fills the air with his mesmerizing sax.

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Steve Oliver – Global Kiss

According to his website Steve Oliver will release his new album Global Kiss March 30th, 2010. The album includes 12 tracks featuring guest-musicians like Darren Rahn and Marion Meadows on saxophone, and Tom Schuman, Alan Hewitt and Bob Baldwin on keyboards. Further musicians are Mel Brown (bass), Bonny B (drums), Larry Antonio (bass) and Humberto Vela (percussions).

For those who are interested in the making of the album Steve offers a podcast on his website. The cover of the new album was designed by Marion Meadows. Steve comments: “I’m excited about it because it gives artists the chance to be creative again. Now we can take the shackles off that we’ve been bound to in this genre, which have been a drag. It’s killed the format in a lot of ways, because everybody’s trying to do whatever just to get heard.

And the fans and the music suffered from the outcome. Now, we can be creative, and bring that element back into the music. I think that’s where it’s going. We’re going to finally see artists being artists again, instead of being controlled. I think the audience and fans are going to dig it more.”

Global Kiss is now available at CDBaby.