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Unwrapped Vol. 6 – Give The Drummer Some!

Hidden Beach Recordings has a golden hand in combining jazz with hip hop, rap and R&B. Their Unwrapped series has gained a solid place in the heart of many fans. Unwrapped Volume 6 – Give The Drummer Some! features drummer extraordinaire Tony Royster Jr., who is currently touring with Jay Z and has played with prestigious artists such as P. Diddy, T.I., Jay Holiday, and en Vogue. The album was produced by Tony and Brody Brown.

Tony Royster Jr. performed drums and drum programming, while Brody played keys and bass. Additional musicians are Kay-ta Matsuno (guitar), Jeff Lorber (keys), Dante Jackson (keys & programming), Cat Daddy (bass & bass programming), Johnny Britt (trumpet, flugelhorn), Tracy Carter (keys & programming) and Tommy Organ (guitar).

Unwrapped Vol. 6 covers 10 groundbreaking hits of the hip hop, rap and R&B scene with a smashing new approach. The album already received high acclaims at Amazon after the launch in November 2009. Unlike Vol. 1-4 Unwrapped Volume 6 and its predecessor Volume 5 don’t stretch out to contemporary jazz. Keep in mind that most of the songs have nothing in common with jazz but offer unusual instrumental renditions on a very high level.

Blame It, taken from Jamie Foxx’s third album Intuition (2009), finds a new grandiose installment on this album. The vocal part originally by singer T-Pain is replaced by a gorgeous distortion guitar. The bass is darker and Tony Royster Jr. bursts out with a superior drum beat.

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Unwrapped™ Vol. 6 – Give The Drummer Some!

unwrapped6Hidden Beach Recordings is back with Unwrapped™ Vol. 6: Give The Drummer Some! The acclaimed “Unwrapped” series continues its legacy and returns after last years blazing Vol. 5.0 release produced by ColliPark studios with the announcement of the new release of Vol. 6 to be produced by its latest partnership with drummer extraordinaire—Tony Royster Jr.

Tony is just 24 years old and already plays like someone twice his age! Starting at the age of 3, his prodigious talent helped him become proficient in the styles of Jazz, Rock, Latin, and Funk. He has already had the opportunity to share the stage with such notable drummers as Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, and Frank Briggs, currently touring with Jay Z and has played with prestigious artists such as P. Diddy, T.I., Jay Holiday, and en Vogue. Vol. 6 continues the Unwrapped legacy of yet another jazzy, hit-packed collection of the best known hip hop, rap and R&B hits made popular by Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, T.I., Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé, and many more!

Unwrapped Vol. 6 features 10 smash hits including “Lollipop” which alone fueled over 3.0 mil. albums for Lil Wayne, and is one of four #1 hit singles to include “Best I Ever Had” – Drake, “Blame It” – Jamie Foxx and “Live Your Life” – T.I. The Vol. 6 collection of hits yielded tens of millions of sales and over 280 million views from YouTube and over 8 million Facebook followers alone! These songs are popular—appealing to a broad range of consumers both young and old.

Source:  Hidden Beach Recordings