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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Tongue & Groove

179573600_4297130203644445_6071229986243017233_nWhile Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s album Open Invitation (2014) is settled in the smooth jazz genre, his albums MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) and MidCentury Modern Volume 2 (2019) are walking the jazz way. With Tongue & Groove (2021) Gabriel Mark returns to the smooth jazz realm again.

He explains the title as follows: “The title is at minimum a double entendre. In woodworking, tongue and groove refers to interlocking, smooth and seamless assembly or construction, and trumpeters tongue their notes, and in my case, also nail the groove.”

Gabriel performs on the new album flugelhorn, trumpet, flutes, and percussion. Mainstay are Daniel Seguin (alto and tenor sax, keys, bass, drum programming), Tony Moore (drums) and Tony Seville (percussion). Further guest musicians on selected tracks are Bob Baldwin (keys, programming), Paul Brown (guitar), Brian Hughes (guitar), Chris Standring (guitar), Grant Geissman (guitar), Miles Black (piano, organ, bass), Rossi Tzonkov (electric bass), Kat Hendricks (drums), and Jeffrey Holl (guitar, keys).

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Tongue & Groove


He’s spent more weeks on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart than any other Canadian recording artist and with his 15th album, “Tongue & Groove,” set to drop June 4, trumpeter/flugelhornist/flautist Gabriel Mark Hasselbach looks to land his eleventh Billboard hit. The Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings release is preceded by “Chill@Will,” the current radio single that Hasselbach wrote and produced with urban-jazz keyboardist Bob Baldwin.

The release of “Tongue & Groove” coincides with the 30th anniversary of Hasselbach’s debut disc, “Solar Winds,” which launched an award-winning catalogue consisting of contemporary and straight-ahead jazz recordings.

“‘Tongue & Groove’ is definitely my most in-depth and exciting album to date. I love improvised jazzy music in a framework, that is lyrical and succinct, not overly extrapolated or excessive. I come from a Chet Baker/Blue Mitchell frame of reference, laid over contemporary grooves and original concepts. I always aim for strong and concise content in whatever I play. It is all just jazz to me, the essence which should be a rich yet highly listenable sound for the head, heart and feet,” said the Vancouver-based Hasselbach, a Juno Award winner (Canada’s GRAMMY equivalent).

Hasselbach wrote and recorded “Tongue & Groove” last year while in quarantine, an experience reflected in the first two cuts: “Presence of Mind” and “Chill@Will.”

“The first two tunes had a bit of a theme. We can – and had to – keep the mind present and calm during the pandemic. When Bob Baldwin and I started working on ‘Chill@Will,’ we built it from the vibe up, and the music just fell into place. It started out as a sketch from Bob, which I did a little work on to move it forward. The tune sat around for a while but kept scratching at the door because it was so catchy. I took up the cause again and pressed the ever-busy Mr. Baldwin into service so we could help it see the light of day. Many of my top charting tracks, as well as some of Bob’s, are collaborations between us,” said Hasselbach.

“Tongue & Groove” also features collaborations with other noteworthy musicians such as two-time GRAMMY winner Paul Brown and Billboard chart-topper Chris Standring on guitar. Another guitarist showcased on the disc is Grant Geissman, who played and recorded with contemporary jazz legend Chuck Mangione. Geissman guests on Hasselbach’s vibrant revision of the classic “Feels So Good.”

“I wanted to honor Chuck Mangione and thus be known as ‘the flugelhornist of today’ as was Chuck back in the day. Mesa/Bluemoon label head George Nauful knows Grant Geissman, the guitarist on the original. When George hooked us up, it seemed like kismet. Grant even played the exact 1968 Gibson guitar he used on that session with Mangione, and I play the same model and vintage flugelhorn, too, coincidentally,” said Hasselbach, who also spotlights saxophonist and co-songwriter Daniel Seguin, guitarist Brian Hughes and pianist/organist Miles Black on “Tongue & Groove.”

As for the album title, Hasselbach said, “The title is at minimum a double entendre. In woodworking, tongue and groove refers to interlocking, smooth and seamless assembly or construction, and trumpeters tongue their notes, and in my case, also nail the groove.”Hasselbach wrote or co-wrote eight funky jazz grooves for “Tongue & Groove” and produced or co-produced the tracks. Generously clocking in at over an hour and containing two remixes, “Chill@Will (Raincoast Mix)” and “Feels So Good (Extended Mix),”

“Tongue & Groove” is a soul-powered R&B and instrumental pop session piloted by Hasselbach’s flugelhorn, flute, alto flute and trumpet. His animated horns astutely maneuver through percussive rhythms, textured beats and lush harmonies, blowing expressive communications, impassioned poetics and playful banter. Hasselbach was born in Denver but migrated to Canada after high school and holds dual citizenship. His 2011 “Told Ya So” was named Album of the Year and won him the Artist of the Year honors at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. A best of-type compilation, 2019’s “Radio Gold,” broke Spotify streaming records.

Hasselbach produced pop-jazz singer Michael Bublé’s “Dream” album and played on three of the global superstar’s albums. Earning gold and platinum records, among the other artists he has recorded with are GRAMMY winner Jeff Lorber, Darren Rahn, Greg Manning, Marc Antoine, Bob Mintzer, Tom Schuman, Rob Tardik, Brian Bromberg, and the late Chuck Loeb and John Denver.

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“Tongue & Groove” contains the following songs:

“Presence of Mind” featuring Daniel Séguin“Chill@Will” featuring Bob Baldwin

“Heading North” featuring Paul Brown

“Hang On To Your Love”

“Feels So Good” featuring Grant Geissman

“Show Me Another Way”

“Litmus Test” featuring Daniel Séguin

“Daahoud” featuring Chris Standring

“Slipstream Turbulence” featuring Brian Hughes

“Vanishing Summer”

“You Will Always Be The One”“Chill@Will (Raincoast Mix)” featuring Bob Baldwin

“Feels So Good (Extended Mix)” featuring Miles Black & Grant Geissman

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – MidCentury Modern Volume 2

Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s album Open Invitation (2014) is known as one of his latest smooth jazz album. His album MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) shows Gabriel’s affinity for the classic jazz genre. With MidCentury Modern Volume 2 (2019) he continues this way.

The line-up of the new album differs only slightly from its predecessor. Miles Black (piano, organ, bass), Laurence Mollerup (acoustic bass), Joel Fountain (drums) and Olaf DeShield (guitar) played already on Volume I, new to it are Cory Weeds and Ernie Watts (sax), furthermore Cord Lemon (electric bass) on selected tracks.

Superblue is very melodious, even if the attitude is jazzy. Gabriel expands his trumpet performance on a swinging rhythm, while Miles Black just sets accents with tasteful piano chords. In the middle of the theme he unchains to a larger piano solo with different rhythm background.

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Radio Gold

Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach‘s relationship to popularity is reciprocally correlated to his skills as a musician. For having an extraordinary talent in composition and performance, he is relatively undiscovered.

He has released meanwhile thirteen albums displaying the key qualities of contemporary jazz, smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz. His new album Radio Gold (2019) is like a best of his previous works encompassing nineteen tracks including nine Billboard hits.

Gabriel plays on his album trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, Valve ‘bone. Featured artists are Miles Black, Greg Manning, Lew Laing, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Lorber (keys and key bass), Warren Hill, Rock Hendricks, Walle Larson (sax), Ronny Jordan, Paul Brown, Rob Tardik, Adam Rohrlick (guitar), Dee and Brittani Cole (vocals).

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Radio Gold

Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach was last time in our focus with his album Open Invitation (2014). His next album MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) is of a special peculiarity. Although a guarantor of smooth jazz Gabriel now delivered a jazz album.

Actually he returns with Radio Gold, Gabriel’s most funky~smooth release ever, including his Billboard hits and tracks from his 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards ‘Album of the Year’, plus a never before heard gem, written with George Benson, feat. the iconic late guitarist Ronny Jordan.

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – MidCentury Modern Vol. 1

Denver Colorado born trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach was last time in our focus with his album Open Invitation (2014). His new album MidCentury Modern Volume 1 (2018) is of a special peculiarity. Although a guarantor of smooth jazz Gabriel now delivers a jazz album.

Gabriel comments: “This is an exciting project for me because I was finally able to assemble my dream team. Besides the recognizable and prolific talents of saxophonists Ernie Watts and Cory Weeds, I was able to gather my longtime friends and world-class musicians Miles Black (piano), Laurence Mollerup (bass), and Joel Fountain (drums). Adding to the proceedings are Mike Taylor (vocals) and Olaf deShield (guitar) on a couple of tunes.”

The album starts with Mississippi Jump presenting Hasselbach in best form on trumpet, apparently fluent in style. Miles Black adds on piano a perfect accompaniment and a shining solo work. Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard released the track Gibraltar as part of his album Born To Be Blue in 1981. Hasselbach delivers a compact version without missing important elements of the original.

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Mid Century Modern, Vol. 1

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, jazz trumpet player Gabriel Hasselbach lives and works out of Vancouver, Phoenix, and New Orleans. His musical style is comparable with Rick Braun and Chris Botti.

Even though his fame still has room for improvement, he has played with a large number of smooth jazz musicians and in particular with the famous singer Michael Bublé. Although with several solo albums on his belt, his hunger for more is far from satisfied.

His new album Mid Century Modern, Vol. 1 is just released in April 2018. You can buy the album at

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Told Ya So

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (you can call him Gabe!) is an award winning multi instrumentalist with a firm grasp on contemporary and mainstream jazz idioms. He is a unique stylist on trumpet, flutes, flugelhorn, valve trombone and digital wind instruments, with more than a dozen CDs under his own name, and numerous releases with other artists as player and/or producer, several of which have gone gold, platinum, and even double platinum. He has a JUNO Award (Canadian equivalent to a Grammy), the Golden Reel Award, the West Coast Music Award, Technics All Star Band Awards, and many more kudos, features and nominations.

Gabriel has performed at jazz fests worldwide, such as Montreux, North Sea, JVC, Vancouver International, and other high profile clubs and soft seaters, and has been consistently present on radio charts. Besides the luminary guests present on ‘Told Ya So’ (Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Marc Antoine, Darren Rahn, Miles Black, Rock Hendricks & Amanda Wood), he has recorded or performed with the likes of Michael Bublè (he even produced Michael’s CD ‘Dream’), George Benson, Chris Isaak, John Denver, Bob James, Heart, Cold Blood, Little Richard, Spyro Gyra, Jeremy Monteiro, The O’Jays, Long John Baldry, The Powder Blues, Ben E. King, Nikki Yanofsky, Brian Culbertson, Mary Wells, David Sanborn, and many more.

He has performed for Bill Gates in his home, for the President of Singapore, and also performed at the 2008 Beijing and 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Several of his albums have been nominated for Album of the Year at The Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, and he himself has been nominated several times for Wind Instrumentalist of the Year. Enjoy this new project, Told Ya So, his best work to date!

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