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Frank Sutton – Rain The Experience

Truly remarkable and a musical genius of sorts, is what you can call this talented and gifted musician, producer. Frank Sutton got his start in music at the early age of six, where his first musical passion was realized and expressed through the drums. At the age of 8 he was accepted to the Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts, ironically as an art major. It wasn’t long before the director of music realized Frank had a rare talent and he double majored in both music and art. As his gift continued to come into fruition, he began to solely pursue music. By age sixteen he had already recorded on album projects with various local Jazz and Gospel Artist.

Although his main instrument of choice is the piano/keyboard, this gifted musician is truly a jack of all trades and plays bass, drums/percussion and Trombone. He’s also at home in the studio, behind the console writing or producing for various artists as well as himself. Because of his unique ability, Frank has toured, recorded, and worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names in both the Jazz and gospel genre’s.
He’s Served as Music Director for various Artists, and is a sought after session/touring musician, in addition to hosting various clinics, and establishing a mentorship program for blossoming musicians. We anticipate great things from this talented musician and artist.

His new album Rain The Experience is blending elements of smooth and fusion jazz, a hint of funk, soul, and gospel music. Rain The Experience is the perfect soundtrack to your rainy chilled relaxed day or evening. A sonic adventure and a journey into the musical mind of Frank Sutton and concept of the Rain Experience.

Available for download only on CDBaby.