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Rebecka Larsdotter – Whirlwind

It’s a marriage of light jazz and Scandinavian folk music. Swedish-born singer-songwriter Rebecka Larsdotter weaves the forms together with Whirlwind (Losen Records, 2016).

Larsdotter mixes and matches her accompanists, depending on the needs of the songs. The musicians are Aaron Parks, piano; Dayna Stephens, saxophone, arranger; Ben Street, bass; Nate Wood, drums; Shai Maestro, piano; Rick Rosato, bass; Ari Hoenig, drums; Oz Noy, guitar; Dennis Hamm, keyboard; Hadrien Feraud, bass; Gene Coy, drums.

“Kvar,” a Larsdotter original, is a tranquil piece written in her native tongue. The title translates to “left” in English. It reflects her concept of the language being left behind and its parallel to being in a relationship where the person doesn’t know where she stands. Bass and piano solos assist.

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Matt Marshak – New York

In the world of music artistry guitarist Matt Marshak has a secure and well deserved place. His life circle and sphere of activity is New York. A good reason to call his new album New York (2016).

Matt recorded the album in one day at Secret Studios in Baltimore supported by Sean Michael Ray (bass), Benjie Porecki (keys), Carl Anderson (drums), and Ronnie Queen (vocals on Real Music).

Most important was for Matt a human and natural sound with no drum programming and loops. He has implemented this concept on his album in all its consequences.

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Steve Ono – Fingerpaint and Folksongs

Progressive pop-jazz-folk fusion instrumental music with soaring melodies and solos are blended with songs about subjects such as domestic violence, the death of a spouse, mental illness and economic depression.

After a 38 year career in the business of guitar, Steve Ono has a few things to show you. He has grooves and jams swinging from blues to middle eastern music to world music to Irish music. He has written songs without lyrical compromise and without Hollywood endings.

Tough times need a voice and Steve Ono is such a voice.

With the help of his friends Dave Calvert on keyboards and John Martin III on percussion Steve Ono’s instrumental music shows a happier and more playful side as well as the deeper. We found it at CDBaby.