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Iñaki Arakistain – Another Road

Iñaki Arakistain opens us to a musical concept unprecedented until now in Spain made by a saxophonist, in which groove music coexists, with influences from Brazilian music, Latin Funk, as well as recently merging Flamenco with those styles, thus enriching its new projects united by the common language of jazz.

He has released his 4th studio album Another Road, made up of excellent musicians from the national and international scene, full of good “Groove Latin” that mixes exotic sounds with roots as deep as Flamenco, Brazilian music, Afro-Cuban folklore and music. African-American as the Funk. Elegantly constructed harmonies and new sounds that travel towards a new musical direction from the most disturbing heart of this experienced and experimental saxophonist.

Another Road is to find on CDBaby.

The Pan – Peligro Andante

Calgary, Canada based bass guitarist Pan Sciore is The Pan. Pan plays all sorts of bass (electric 4, 5, 6 string, fretted, fretless, and upright acoustic), along with a little guitar, accordion, piano, and a variety of percussion instruments. A classical multi-instrumentalist.

His new album is entitled Peligro Andante (2016). The Pan explains: “The meaning behind is more that the danger (‘peligro’) you will encounter is yours, you have nothing to fear, so keep on going along (‘andante’).”

Pan describes his music as an inter-mix of instrumental world, flamenco, light jazz, easy listening and a bit of funk. Pan recorded this album with Miles Jackson as recording engineer, who also contributed keyboards and percussion on selected tracks.

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Sonido – Camino De Los Sueños

Sonido is a band from Los Angeles, which was formed by Multi-Instrumentalist Arie Salma and guitarist Rob Math in 2012. Their musical style combines classic Flamenco with Salsa, Jazz- and Pop-Styles.

For Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma, Music starts with melody: “If you can’t appreciate the song by listening to it played merely on the guitar or the piano, something in the composition must be missing.”

The first track My Star just underlines Arie’s musical credo. It takes the listener into the folkloristic world of Spain: A catchy melody played by a Flamenco guitar, percussions, and castanets, followed by The Spring, which musically may describe the beauty of a Spanish night in Spring with all its flavors.

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David Longoria – baila!

David Longoria is one of the most important and many-sided trumpet-players in contemporary Smooth-Jazz. He also is a brilliant singer. He worked with Sting, Foreigner, Buddy Rich, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, B.B.King, Boyz II Men and many more. He also have worked as a producer for many other musicians. On February 7, 2014 David Longoria was awarded the Best Jazz Artist award for 2014.

Being classically trained, he has a great range of repertoire, from Classical music to Pop and Jazz, from Flamenco to Salsa and even Disco and House-Music.

On his new album baila!, he shows the whole spectrum of his talents.

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Nino Mekouar – Daydream

Nino Mekouar is a new-age flamenco guitarist born in 1985 in Casablanca. He offers a fusion of sounds: Flamenco, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, and he explore the universe of improvisation, armed with a touch re-known since the first note. Nino grew in a musical house-hold, and started as a guitar apprentice at the age of twelve, and two years later, he had already made his first public concert. Moreover, he also tried the bass for a few years before completely devoting himself to the guitar.

At the age of 15, he discovers the music of the virtuoso Vicente Amigo, who quickly becomes Nino’s model. So, he locked himself for hours in his room, trying to understand and play the compositions of this maestro of flamenco music, always benefiting from new concepts of the traditional Flamenco. Nevertheless, Nino’s passion of music does not limit itself just to flamenco. He explores as well the different languages of a guitar, such as Smooth Jazz, to Latin Jazz or the fusion Jazz-Rock.

Received in many references scenes, Nino has been able to develop his flamenco style to its deepest extent, always flowering the whole composition with new sounds, reflections of his new experiences, his life, his culture, and his influences.

Daydream is a Flamenco/Jazz instrumental CD with smooth, original and beautiful compositions on a Spanish guitar. If you like Vicente Amigo, Jesse Cook, Luis Salinas, Ottmar Liebert or Earl Klugh, you’ll love this CD. Daydream is available at CDBaby.

Michael Petrovich – Bella Luna

Michael Petrovich‘s new release, Bella Luna, fuses together many of Michael’s influences: jazz, Spanish guitar, rumba flamenco, and Latin American folk music. His band includes some of Central Florida’s finest musicians: Steve Eunice – sax and flute, Doug Mathews – bass, Steady Joseph – percussion, Oscar Guzman – percussion, Matthew Duncan – drums, and Ed Kraut – keys.

This album combines elements of Latin, jazz, flamenco, and world music into an exotic and exciting mix. Melodic and rhythmically powerful at the same time, this CD transports the listener on a journey around the world.

Bella Luna features eleven of Michael’s original compositions, along with a unique arrangement of The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”. If you like Spanish guitar music, check this CD out at CDBaby.

Marc Antoine – My Classical Way

When you hear the name of a known artist, you associate a special style or music with this musician. Classical Soul (1994), Urban Gypsy (1995), Madrid (1998), Universal Language (2000), Cruisin’ (2001), The Very Best of Marc Antoine (2002), Mediterraneo (2003), Modern Times (2005), Hi-Lo Split (2007), and Foreignexchange (2009) are indices for Marc’s Gypsy and Latin influenced contemporary jazz.

Some of these albums were produced by Rick Braun, Philippe Saisse, David Ferrero and others. With his growing skills he is now producing his albums himself and also starts in new directions. With his new album My Classical Way Marc leaves the contemporary jazz style and creates his music on classical themes.

Marc performs on his new album all instruments, except keyboards by Philippe Saisse on Dreamer and Rodrigo’s Concierto, vocals by Jasmine Roy on Carmen B and Rebeca Vega on Dreamer. The fantastic cover of the album was painted by Muramasa Kudo and designed by Javier Garcia, who also taught Marc the secrets of Protools.

First pick of Marc’s selection is Carmen B. George Bizet composed the opera Carmen in 1875. Carmen was one of Carlos Saura’s movie trilogy popularizing the Flamenco. Marc interprets the widely popular theme with a Brazilian Samba rhythm.

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Gary Carpenter – Tierra Madre

Gary Carpenter gives the term World Music a new sense. He melts the best ingredients of all continents to that magical brew which fascinates the audience. After his move to the Bay Area he founded the formation Montage, he also worked with the group Compass and with Blue Note recording artist, Samba Ngo and with MC Rai.

He started his solo career with the high-acclaimed debut album Sirena (2007). His new project is entitled Tierra Madre (2009). Gary Carpenter, who also produced, arranged and composed the album, plays Spanish acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards and keyboard bass. He is accompanied by Renalto Annichiarico (percussion, drums, vocals), Kieth Graves (bass and drums on Windrunner – drums and background vocals on Rumba La Playa), Gary Regina (sax) Alan Peeves (piano solos), and Victor Reveer (stand-up bass).

Bass driven the album starts with The Seer showcasing Gary Carpenter’s skills in Flamenco guitar and World music. Renalto Annichiarico peppers the melody with furious conga beats.

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