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Dirk K – Selfie Nation

Dirk K, guitarist with German heritage, has a strong affinity for Latin jazz and smooth jazz. More than 16 solo albums, eight CDs with band projects and over 30 albums for other performers are a vivid testimony to his productivity. His newest project Selfie Nation (2019) is however a departure to new shores.

Dirk himself settles his new music on in the area of electronic dance music, jazz and world music and uses the adjective incongruous, ambient, peculiar. So let us prepare ourselves for the special. The length of the pieces, which are not at all adapted to the radio format, is already unusual. A rebellion?

Dirk K plays on the new album all instruments and is joined by David Inamine (bass) and Michael Joy (Wurlitzer, Rhodes and Mini Moog on Nothing Personal). Special guest is King Ibu on Selfie Nation (vocals and talking drum). Dirk has written Selfie Nation, all other songs are covers.

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Jesse Cook – The Rumba Foundation

Tracing the roots of Jesse Cook there is much to discover. Born in Paris Jesse soon developed a strong affinity for the Flamenco music of the gypsies. After his parents separated, Cook accompanied his mother and sister to Canada, his mother’s birthplace. While he continued his studies in classical and jazz guitar at some of North America’s most prestigious music schools, he stayed in contact with the music of his childhood.

In fifteen years he released seven studio albums. After the debut album Tempest (1995), followed Gravity (1996), Vertigo (1998), Free Fall (2000) and Nomad (2003) on Narada. In 2004 he published the live-album Montréal and in 2007 Frontiers, both on EMI. Now he is back with his album The Rumba Foundation.

The album was recorded in two parts, in Toronto Jesse was supported by Rosendo (Chendy) Leon JR. (Drums and Percussion), Chris Church (all Violins, black Violin), Drew Birston (Double Bass), Dennis Mohammed (Bass), Rosendo (Chendy) Leon SR. (Bongos), Juan De Sedas (Accordion), Kevin Fox (Cello), Jonathan Tortolano (Cello), William Arivalo (Caja and Guacharaca), Jeremy Fisher (Vocals), in Bogota by the group Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto.

“I flew down to Colombia and worked with a group called Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto. They won a Latin Grammy back in 2007. They play traditional music known as Vallenato and they make all their own instruments by hand including gaitos flutes. I learned these flutes are always played in pairs and in only one key. They are doing it old school,” comments Jesse Cook.

Bogota By Bus is a fantastic journey into the vibrant music world of South America. Jesse involves the impressions of the long bus trip and Los Gaiteros add the typical flavor of the country. Santa Marta is a festival of infectious Latin music melting Cook’s guitar virtuosity with the local color fiction of Los Gaiteros. ‘I don’t think it’s ever been done before,” says Cook. “The sound is just so beautiful and so intoxicating to me. But, blending these styles also speaks to their shared roots.”

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