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The Alvin Mills Project – Keep Your Head To The Sky

Alvin Mills has performed with many national and international recording artists. Among them:

Ronan Keating, Mary J. Blige, Les McCann, Hiram Bullock, Roy Hargrove, Ricky Lawson, T.M. Stevens, Nena, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Leo Sayer,Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Huey Lewis, En Vogue, Shaggy, Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips (TOTO), Ian Paice & Don Airey (Deep Purple) and many more.

His future plans are to continue to learn & grow as a musician, since that also enables him to grow as a person. “I try to bring my life energy to whatever situation I’m in and to try to spread some much needed positive vibes in a volatile hostile world. Everybody needs to rock out, get funky or chill out…so let’s do it together!”

The impressive debut CD of one of Germany’s funkiest and most prolific musicians. Smooth grooves, funky bass and hypnotic melodies are the trademark of this US-born bass player and composer. If you like funky jazz, you’ll love this CD! Keep Your Head To The Sky is now on sale at CDBaby.

David Dyson – Unleashed

When you search a funky bass player, South Dakota native David Dyson is in the first call. He performed with a legion of smooth jazz musicians like Walter Beasley, Michael Franks, Kevin Toney, Peter White, Pieces of a Dream, Jonathan Butler, Bob James and many more.

David loves his life, his family and touring around. He is an excellent sideman, unpretentious but on the point, when his bass is asked. His solo albums are Soulmates (2000), The Dawning (2004) and Unleashed (2008). Reading the liner notes of his albums one will immediately remark, that David is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, and arranger. Even recording and mixing are under his control.

David introduces into his work with The Lion’s Den. There is a strong affinity between the funk and David’s signature slap bass. David takes the rhythmical well-appointed melody and transfers the bass line to a higher level.

On the path of Jaco Pastorius David presents the atmospheric Forever Is Now. Two bass voices melted in overdub style revolve around the theme. The bass loaded Lovely One features Marshall Keys on soprano sax, deep bass and high sax in tension.

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Kenny Wright Experience – My Roots

Bass player Kenny Wright is since a long time an in-demand musician in the music business. His solo albums are Fresh Focus (1993), Comin’ at Ya (1995), Bottle of Wine (1998), Herbie, Miles and me (2006) and My Roots (2010).

He has performed with such legends as Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, Michael White, The Temptation’s Review, Supremes, Bobbi Humphey and others. Kenny and his backup band, Fresh Groove, have been busy opening for such acts as Gladys Knight, Kim Waters, Walter Beasley, and others.

He recently explained in an interview his motifs, his biography and influences quite openly. Characteristic for this independent artist are these sentences: “If You have money, you can buy a producer, hire excellent sidemen and pay for promotion. I have never had any of those luxuries. But I am confident that I have created some things musically that will outlive me, and for me that’s what I set out to do.”

Here you have the seldom opportunity to meet a truthful musician, who stands by his restricted opportunities and still releases his music against all odds. Kenny recorded his new album with fellow musicians like Charlie Etzel (keyboards), Wendall Shepherd (trumpet), Maynard Parker (guitar), Eric Kennedy (drums), Debbie Poole (vocals), Robert Rucks (strings), Jacob Yoffe (sax), and Kevin Porter (guitar). Kenny plays on this album six string bass, guitar, percussion and programming.

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