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Eddie Reddick – Still Having Fun

Eddie Reddick is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who migrated to California as a teen with his Mother, Father, and Sister. He grew up in Long Beach where he came in contact with several other musicians who had the same dreams and aspirations he himself possessed. That dream was to become successful and well known in the music industry. While still in high school, Eddie landed a steady gig with a local band in the Long Beach area working 3 to 4 nights a week. This was a big deal for him, making pretty good money and not having to work a regular day job. This was the ticket. Eddie was hooked and realized this was all he wanted to do in life.

Eddie has been working in the LA area for over thirty years. He has recorded and performed with many artists such as Chaka Khan, Billy Cobham, Roy Ayers, Bill Withers, Wayne Henderson of The Jazz Crusaders, Bobby Lyle, Side Effect, The L A Boppers, The Dramatics, Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Oliver, The Art Of Sax. Eddie says it doesn’t’ matter much anymore where his performances might be. It could be in a small dinner club or a huge concert arena. People are beautiful where ever they are. He is bringing to you all his years of experience on his solo CDs which features him as a vocalist, a song writer, producer, and bass player. He still remains true to the old school basics and still remains true to his overall philosophy which is, Create from your soul, Speak with your heart, Even if some don’t agree, Most will listen to what you have to say.

Eddie’s new CD for 2020 Still Having Fun features 8 tracks, all originals – a mix of smooth R&B, soul and old-school funk that you’ve come to know and love from one of the most exceptional players on the scene. The credits are: Eddie Reddick – bass guitar, lead and background vocals, Steve Oliver and Jon St. James – guitars, keyboards, guitar synth, drums, drum programming, strings, and horn arrangements. Produced by Steve Oliver and Jon St. James.

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Eddie Reddick – Bass Matters

Eddie Reddick’s new 2018 album Bass Matters is a compilation of funky informative songs staying true to the old school format. The title cut, “Bass Matters” is a funky instrumental featuring the Bass. “This Time”, is a tune dealing with a male who tries to convince his ex lover that no one will do all the things he did for her when they were together, and how wrong she was for walking out on him. “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” is a song dealing with a guy who made a bad choice in a moment of weakness, his wife finds out, an now he’s paying for the mistake because she has left him. Now he’s trying to win her back. “Just Like I Told You”, is a song depicting how two people meet, fall in love, get married have kids, face many adversities and still manage to stay together, way into their golden years. “Total Ecstasy”, is a Bass driven song dealing with a shy guy who doesn’t have the courage to approach a woman he’s been attracted to for a while, so he keeps promising himself every night will be the night he will make his move.

“Never Give Up”, is another Bass Driven song explaining that we should never give up on anything we choose to pursue in life. “Distractions”, is a song describing how so many things in our lives are taking our attention away from things which are important to us, causing negative things to occur as a result of losing focus. “The Most Beautiful Girl”, is a song written by Prince. I’ve always loved the melody and the message of this song. That’s the reason I decided to cover it on this CD. “Wish I Could Do That”‘ is a song of love and hope. Encouraging the whole world to sing and dance along with each other. A great compilation of heartfelt songs written to entertain and inform on some level or other. Let it play, listen and enjoy the stories and the grooves.

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Eddie Reddick – All Basses Covered, pt. 2

eddiereddickAll Basses Covered 2 (The Raw Mix) is a remix of All Basses Covered 1. Eddie recorded All Basses Covered 1 a few years ago as a basic experiment. Coming from funk roots back in the day as the Bassist for The La Boppers, his whole intention was to stay true to the funk he grew up with. He wanted to create solid bass grooves from a solitary bass line by utilizing his four and five string Basses, then laying some chords and melodies with the six sring bass. Eventually adding lyrics to complete the process.

This process proved to be a bigger task than he bargained for. He found out quickly that frequencies dont care about canceling out each other (particularly low frequencies). Three and four basses on one track can be somewhat of a challenge to say the least. Keep in mind while dealing with the freqency challenges, he still wanted to stay focused and remain true to the funk. On ABC-2 Eddie has chosen 5 tracks from ABC-1 to rework by remixing and re-mastering them.

The new CD is still funk oriented but it is a much cleaner and smoother version of the first effort. If you like heavy Bass and Funk grooves this endeavor is definitely for you. All Basses Covered 2 (The Raw Mix) consists of 5 songs from ABC-1 along with 4 new tracks co-written with producer/song writer Steve Oliver. Steve brought a whole new fresh and smooth flavor to the project. All Basses Covered 2 is a party CD with a touch of smooth jazz funk flavor. Enjoy the journey. Remember it doesn’t matter what style of music is your flavor, it’s all about having fun, with a K of course. FUN-K! Now at CDBaby.