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Dreaming In Colour – The Dream Merchant

The band’s name is just as colorful and brightly vibrant as their music. Dreaming In Colour are bassist Kevin Ellis, drummer Chris Noonan and guitarist Joe Calandrino. Kevin founded the band with the desire to play rock jazz with a contemporary touch. Chris Noonan has studied with Dave Weckl and Jim Chapin in L.A. and follows the same style. Joe Calandrino holds a Bachelor of music performance from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and completes the trio.

During the recordings of their debut album The Dream Merchant (2012) the band was joined by keyboardists Jeff Lorber and Tim Pascoal, as well sax players Nelson Rangell and Eric Marienthal. In view of these jazz fusion greats one might not sure in which direction the train is driving, but the first notes allure with smooth jazz tones.

The up-tempo Chromatic smiles with a melodious theme but with Lorber on keys the song satisfies with prolific instrumental mastership. Yearbook keeps smooth jazz and jazz fusion in a grooving balance. Twilight Drive features Eric Marienthal on alto sax with a jazzy approach, but it’s Jeff Lorber who lets the song shine with nice phrasings on Rhodes piano.


Dreaming In Colour – The Dream Merchant

Dreaming In Colour is a contemporary, instrumental jazz group that presents an atmosphere of resonant song writing full of energy and melodiousness. The group’s diverse musical influences and contributions to contemporary jazz have been well received and appreciated by lovers of this genre. Their common ground is not just playing music, but creating a hip cutting edge vibe as well.

With an array of talent and musical arrangements that are sure to grab you, a Dreaming In Colour performance will awaken your inner musical self. Each incarnation of the group has influenced the compass of their musical odyssey. Over the years their sound has evolved into one that consists of an inter-blend of some of today’s top contemporary jazz artists. The group says, ” While hurdling some of the obstacles of composing, it’s important that your music remains relevant, recognizable and has staying power.”

The nucleus of Dreaming In Colour, bassist-Kevin Ellis, drummer-Chris Noonan and guitarist-Joe Calandrino, enlist some of the top sax and keyboard luminaries in contemporary Jazz for recording and performance.

While forging a genesis of energy complemented by bright, funky hooks; Dreaming In Colour presents a diverse collaboration of creativity. An encounter with Dreaming In Colour is truly an escape from the ordinary and may leave one referring to it as a dream sequence .  The Dream Merchant is soon available in all stores, also at CDBaby.