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Jermaine Mondaine – Don’t Let the Moment Pass You By

Don't Let the Moment Pass You ByDepending on your preference, this project will either be the jazziest gospel project you’ve ever heard or the churchiest jazz project you’ve ever heard! Either way, this project is 12 tracks of pure musical enjoyment! Don’t Let the Moment Pass You By is a perfect representation of who Jermaine Mondaine is musically. He grew up enjoying a diversity of music, but his main preferences were Contemporary Jazz and Gospel.

There is no doubt you will hear both represented strong in this project. He is honored to be joined by industry giants, Paul Jackson Jr. and Jonathan Du Bose Jr. on guitar and brass sensation, Phil Lassiter on trumpet! This project also features upcoming talents such as, Jeremy Thomas and Carlton “CDub” Whitfield on organ. Project producer and bassist, Michael Fields Jr. of Water From The Rock Productions showed the skills of an industry veteran and helped me turn my music from simple ideas to a musical masterpiece! This project is filled with pleasant musical surprises. I am convinced, whatever your musical preference is, this project is guaranteed to uplift you!

This album is on sale at CDBaby.