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Don Vino – All The Way

South Africa’s export hits are in particular raw materials, but South Africa’s wines and music are better known. South African smooth jazz had its heyday during the collaboration between Dave Love (Heads Up Records) and the South African label Sheer Sound. Jonathan Butler is certainly the most famous musical ambassador of his country.

In the meantime a new generation of musicians has grown up. It is therefore time to introduce them. Don Vino Prins aka Don Vino celebrates this year 20 years in music. He is best known for his Saxy Vibes show. Prins grew up in an area called Epping Forest, a part of Elsies River.

His first instrument was the banjo, then he switched to the trumpet before he moved to saxophone at the age of 15 years. As a musician, he has toured Europe, Dubai, Australia and the United States playing with the likes of Grammy Award winners, Kirk Whalum and Lady Smith Black Mambazo, Jonathan Butler or Gerald Veasley.

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Don Vino – All The Way

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa saxophonist Don Vino aka Don Vino Prins  makes his instrument talk, whether sax or clarinet and supports himself with a talented group of accomplished musicians and singers. It has been a long-held dream for Cape Town-based saxophonist, Don Vino Prins, to headline his own gig at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. The announcement of his inclusion on the 2019 line-up was not only welcome but just seemed like the right timing. This year Prins celebrates 20 years in the music business as the Jazz Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Growing up in Elsies River, religion played an important role in Prins’ life and he started off playing the banjo in church. A friend introduced him to Christmas Choirs and Malay Choirs and he even played the trumpet for a while. But it was at the tender age of 15 that he discovered the saxophone after listening to jazz legend Robbie Jansen. When he isn’t performing on a stage, Prins is most often found in a classroom, teaching music. In 2010 he created a community music school in Delft, training youngsters to read music and perform. He also works extensively with Camillo Lombard on the training and development elements of espAfrika, which form part of the Jazz Festival.

Now he debuts with his album All The Way.

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