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Daniel Domenge – Lost In My Thoughts

French guitarist Daniel Domenge from Languedoc-Roussillon released in 2008 his debut album Patchwork. Now he is back with his new smooth jazz project entitled Lost In My Thoughts (2013).

He performs on this album guitars, vocals and keyboards and is joined by Emmanuel Beer (organ, electric pianos, Clavinet) and Reynald Evrard (additional drums & percussions programming), who already supported him on his first album. New in the team is Xavier Cortazar on bass.

Album cover and title of the CD associate somber music. This impression is, however, refuted by the warm-hearted pieces. Domenge introduces with the melodic Between Your Hands into his new project. In the center is the brilliant guitar performance, who leads the melody with all nuances.

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Daniel Domenge – Lost in My Thoughts

Lost in My ThoughtsSmooth Jazz is a universal language around the world. Take guitarist Daniel Domenge as an example, who resides in Languedoc-Roussillon… the large vineyard region is one of the 26 regions that make up France. The world-class guitarist has played professionally for some 20 years… his passion for Smooth Jazz finally drove him to record his second album.

This flawless recording features a tantalizing return to retro influences, yet the beats and rhythms are cutting edge contemporary. Daniel’s guitar work is buoyed by Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3 accents as he funkifies the audio environment . Three years after his first album Patchwork , Lost in My Thoughts features exceptional performances from all contributing musicians and polished off by engineer Reynald Evrard. All of the songs are stunning…This album is smooth jazz at its best !

This French guitarist speaks fluent Smooth Jazz! Lost in My Thoughts is now on sale at CDBaby.

Daniel Domenge – Patchwork

Some critics define smooth jazz as universal language around the world, which is absolutely true. But we shouldn’t underestimate the French influence. Take for example the brilliant keyboard player Philippe Saisse, or the guitarist Emmanuel Abiteboul, better known as U-NAM, furthermore guitarist Marc Antoine, who turned out to be a real globetrotter.

But let’s concentrate on guitarist Daniel Domengue, who calls the French city Languedoc-Roussillon his home and musical center. During the years 2007/2008 he recorded his debut album Patchwork. Daniel was supported by his friends Emmanuel Beer (Hammond B3 & Rhodes electric piano), Bruno Monard (drums), Thierry Gautier (organ solo on Influences) and Reynald Evrard (additional drums & percussion programming), who also recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

The album begins with Smoothjames, a delicate guitar piece presenting Daniel’s elegant loops. I admit, since my first George Benson albums I love the sound of this guitar. But hey, Daniel Domenge is on top of the game and provides some nice acoustic surprises. That can mainly be put down to the very intelligent keyboards accompany.

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