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Roberto Tola – Colors

Roberto Tola was born and raised in Sardinia Island, Sassari (Italy). He began studying music when he was just six years old. In 1976 he studied Cello in the Conservatory of Music in Sassari. Four years later he continued his studies of Modern and Jazz Guitar and established the sextet named Jazzmania. For this band he composed and arranged all musics collected in the album Preludio in 1985. Since 1989 he is a member of the Italian Jazz Big Band named “Blue Note Orchestra”, and from 1991 up to 2010 he is also the official guitarist of the “Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna” (Sardinia Jazz Orchestra), also conducted by well known Carla Bley, Bob Mintzer, Colin Towns, Giorgio Gaslini, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Gazzani and others more.

In 2014 Roberto collaborated for the recording of CD album On The Corner by the famous and legendary English jazz-funk band Shakatak, and also with the English singer Jill Saward on her CD Endless Summer and the single “M is for Manhattan”, both released in June 2016. In May 2017 Roberto released his debut album, titled Bein’ Green (featuring some international well known guest stars as Bob Mintzer, Najee, Bill McGee, Bill Sharpe, Jill Saward and Tim Collins. His newest project is the album Colors (2020).

Buy his new album on Roberto’s website.

Rocco Ventrella – Colors

Bari, Italy born saxophonist Rocco Ventrella has meanwhile conquered a firm place in the smooth jazz scene, which he has achieved with skill and perseverance. He found his entrance with the homage Tribute To Grover Washington, Jr. (2005), followed by Give Me The Groove (2007), Sweet Temptation (2013) and Another Time (2015). With Keep In Touch (2018) he sets a new musical sign of life.

With his new EP Colors (2019) he offers soulful and funky ballads, bluesy jazz fusion and a blues-rock flavored cover of a Bob Dylan classic. Beside guest bassists Roberto Vally and Darryl Williams, the collection also present the vocal talent of Emanuel “Ghani”.

This album will be soon available at iTunes.

Phillip “Doc” Martin – Colors

Phillip “Doc” Martin has always divided his life between music and his profession as a dentist. He is successful in both areas, which gives him inner satisfaction and happiness. Saxappeal in 2003, Pride and Joy (2007), Realization (2009), Good Day at Work (2013), and Pocket Love (2016) are milestones of his solo career.

Colors is his newest project produced by Marvin “Tony” Hemmings. Beside saxophonist Martin are performing on selected tracks Aaron Bucky Buckingham (drums), Jamaal Andrews (bass), Daniel Kelley Howard and Kenny Kohlhaus (guitars).

Don’t expect any medical miracles when Phillip starts his album with Colors. Short and compact, he sums up his message in a nutshell to a catchy tune. Make You Feel presents his sax underlined with Julian Vaughn’s voluminous bass.

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Phillip Doc Martin – Colors

Quite rightly Philipp Martin is nicknamed Doc. He works in his day job as dentist in the Washington DC area. His second passion is music and as saxophonist he has already released several solo albums.

All started with his album Saxappeal in 2003. 2007 followed Pride and Joy, then Realization (2009), and  Good Day at Work (2013). Pocket Love (2016) was his fifth album and was released on the label Innervision Records. Now he is back with Colors (2019). Phillip comments: “I must say, it has been so wonderful to make albums over the past 20 years. What has also been amazing is that I have been able to do this while pursuing a dental career. The only adjective to sum it up to me is Colorful. This is why this album is named as such. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!”

Colors just arrived at CDBaby.

Lostsessions – Colors

Lostsessions is an indie artist who writes songs based on life experiences. Lostsessions’ style is influenced by the Sound of Philadelphia, where strings, horns and beautiful vocals dominated from 1974 – 2004. Listen closely and you’ll hear french horns and violins in every track. Lostsessions uses a wide variety of female vocalists to shape up and out each project.

The new album is entitled Colors and is a truly magical CD available at CDBaby.

UroSoule – Colors

Jazz vocalist, composer and lyricist Agnieszka Iwanska is a graduate of the Jazz Studies program at the University of Katowice, Poland. Currently she is living in Chicago, where she formed her own band. In collaboration with keyboardist/composer Paul Scherer she recorded her debut album All That I Am (2009).

Now she is back with her sophomore album Colors (2013). She shares music with Paul Scherer (piano, keyboards, percussion), Cooke Harvey (bass), and Paul Townsend (drums). Guest musicians are Dave Schiff (sax, flute), Don Schiff (ns stick), Freddie Franken (guitar), Dan Graper (guitar), and Bob Kase (flugelhorn).

I confess that vocal jazz is not for everyone. However, the accompanying musicians are playing at such a high level that even instrumentalists will enjoy this album. Moreover Agnieszka merges with her ​​musicians to form a unit. So melt all caveats after the first sounds.

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