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Lowell Hopper – Collection

Hailing from Panama City guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Lowell Hopper has started his solo career in 1995 with the album Invisible Touch. Since several years he nearly release every year a new album. His previous project is Magic In The Air (2019).

Now he presents his newest album Collection.  Lowell Hopper – guitars, guitar synthesizers, basses, keyboards, Derek Burrell – electric bass (4, 6, 13), Keith Banton – piano solo (7), G. Vernon Burrell, Jr. – additional keyboards and vocals (5, 13, 15), Drashea Stevenson – lead vocals (13), Sean Hill – background vocals (13)., Antonio Welch (Fanta-C) – vocals (15).

You can buy this CD at Amazon.

Andrei Gaiderov – Collection

Hailing from Rylsk, Russian Federation, composer, arranger, keyboardist and guitarist Andrei Gaiderov enjoys the audience with smooth melodies.

His new album Collection is now on sale on CDBaby.