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Jon Lawson – City Lights

In 2016, Jon Lawson earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. Jon is a tenor, soprano, and alto saxophonist and artist, having performed in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South and Central America and the Caribbean. Jon prides and focuses on the styles of Smooth Jazz, R&B, and Funk music. For the past 2 years, Jon has been leading the band Jon Lawson and The Groove, comprised entirely of Berklee musicians. Prior to JL & The Groove, Jon led such bands as 3 AM Groove. Jon also regularly composes, arranges, records, and produces music.

Jon is also an experienced composer, publishing many songs amongst a vast realm of of genres and styles. His styles include Jazz, Smooth Jazz, R&B, Funk, and Orchestral music. Jon is currently working on composing his first orchestral Symphony. As a recording artist, Jon has produced a full length album with the band 3 AM Groove and has separately released several singles under the name Jon Lawson Sax. Currently, Jon is in the process of producing an EP with Jon Lawson and the Groove. Jon also regularly makes recording appearances as a guest artist, often collaborating with other musicians.

His new album City Lights is to find on CDBaby.


Robert Christa – City Lights

German pianist and composer Robert Christa debuted in the smooth jazz genre with his debut album Nightflight To Rio (2015). A highly recommendable masterpiece of instrumental and vocal music. Now he returns with his sophomore project City Lights in 2017.

The very positive impression of the first album is more than confirmed by the second one. Christa performs on the new album Rhodes, synth, bass, percussion, programming and drums. He is accompanied by saxophonist Robert Friedl, vocalists Racquel Roberts, Stephanie Forryan, Chris and Lyn Conary, guitarists Mathias Haase and Tom Reif, bass player Alex Malheiros, and flugelhorn player Simon Plötzeneder.

The album starts with the overwhelming sound collage Secret Places, that reminds me of George Dukes’ intro Genesis from the album IllusionsIllusory Chains elegantly blends Robert Friedl’s saxophone with the enchanting voice of Lyn Conary.

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Gil Benman – City Lights

City LightsThe joy of jazz music is what this CD is about. There are songs that will make you tap your foot, and songs that you can sing along with. There are songs that are mellow and relaxing, and songs that are romantic. In other words, something for every jazz lover.

City Lights is available at CDBaby.

Stephen Su – City Lights

City LightsBased in Los Angeles, Stephen Su is a contemporary and smooth jazz guitarist that has fused the styles of rock and jazz and incorporated rhythmic grooves to provide catchy melodies on his debut project, City Lights. This album offers a refreshing new sound that is inspirational and thought provoking to the listener.

In his long awaited debut project, City Lights is a compilation of pieces highlighting several styles from smooth jazz to contemporary jazz to jazz fusion all offering breathtaking melodies which have been inspired over the last decade. His technique and influences have been greatly shaped through his early years as a classically trained guitarist, as well as, having studied with renown musicians such as Hajime Kato, Ron Eschete, David Oakes and Beth Marlis at Musician’s Institute. His musical influences include Greg Howe, Norman Brown, George Benson, Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass and Miles Davis.

Also featured on the project is Jim Goetsch on sax and keyboards with brief appearances on bass and drums. He began studies at North Texas State University where he played with classmates like Bob Belden, Lyle Mays, and Marc Johnson, later studying with jazz composer George Russell. After that came a tour with the blues legend Albert King. In recent years he moved into electronica as part of Demolition Squad and Biomechanique, and is now doing performances as Subversive Element. He considers his greatest learning experiences to have come from his long friendship with Joe Zawinul of Weather Report fame.

Give this album a listen at CDBaby.