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David T. Shamley – The Transition

Detroit born, Tulsa resident David T. Shamley has worked with HB Barnum, music director of Aretha Franklin. he performed with Lou Rawls, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green and recorded with the group Third World on their album Logos Jump.

After serving in the United States Army and performing with the Army Soldier Show he now concentrates his musical activity on his solo career. His new album The Transition is just released.

A specialty of this album is the fact that David T. Shamley has written and arranged most of the tracks of this album. However David Keys has performed most of the instruments. Further musicians mentioned in the liner notes are on selected tracks Alphaeus Washington (guitar) and Allen Brown (bass).

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Ray Lyon – Trinity One

In the genre of Christian music Ray Lyon has found a safe harbor. He has released on his own label Burning Blue Records three albums, Farewell To Shadowlands (1993), Figures Of The True (2000) and in 2007 Beginning To See. His newest project is entitled Trinity One (2016).

The new album is composed, arranged and produced by Ray Lyon except for Solar (Flare), which is by Miles Davis. Keyboardist Ray Lyon is supported by drummer Bill Berg and bassist Jimmy Haslip. Ray describes his new music: “This music represents a diverse melodic approach to modern jazz … highly listenable yet complex in beauty, depth and execution these are storytelling tunes that inspire and expand the contemporary jazz genre”.

If you know the passion with which Ray has internalized the music of Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, his music style is easily comprehensible. For many, who miss this music, Ray provides replacement in abundance. Trinity One embodies this transcendent, astral atmosphere and Bill Berg and Jimmy Haslip perfectly fit into Ray’s musical concept.

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Jay Soto – Veritas

All started in 2005 with Long Time Coming. With nuGroove Records Jay Soto had his second start with his promising album Stay Awhile followed by Mesmerized in 2009. After a long hiatus he is back with Veritas (2015). The title is the Latin word for truth and reveals Jay’s affinity for the Catholic religion.

Soto is accompanied on the new album by bassist Mario Mendevil, drummers Goran Rista and Phil Robertson. Not to compare with his previous albums, which were packed with musicians of the Smooth Jazz scene. Jay comments꞉ “It’s very different from previous releases. It’s me in the most honest light.″

The album starts with Voice Of The Archangel. Embedded in an epic orchestral environment Jay jubilates on his guitar in Spanish style. King Of Glory celebrates the greatness of God in his omnipotence with a grandiloquent string orchestra and Jay’s brilliant acoustic guitar performance.

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Michael Gayle – The Michael Gayle Experience

Michael Gayle is a force to be reckoned with in today’s music. He credits his musical inspiration to Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Roger Jean, who happens to be a personal friend. Michael’s music is reminiscent of the classic musical structure found in songs of the ‘80s with a Caribbean/Jazz-infused style. Michael’s profound love for music is evident in each note he plays, and his dedication to sharing this love with one and all will ensure his musical longevity in an otherwise short-lived industry.

The Michael Gayle Experience is available for purchase. This Instrumental Christian Saxophonist plays smooth Gospel Jazz music that grooves and uplifts your spirit. This unique album offers you a small glimpse into the heart of a man that has a heart for God. If you want to experience something different in Gospel Contemporary Christian music, then this CD is a must have.

 Michael Gayle Experience is now available at CDBaby.