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Chris Geith – Well Tempered Love

Keyboardist Chris Geith started his musical career with the album Forever Again in 1996. His sophomore album Prime Time followed in 2006 and was a major hit on Timeless World (2007), Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010) and Chasing Rainbows (2014) were also chart toppers.

Now he is back with the album Well Tempered Love (2016). I mention all these albums to bring to mind how long Chris is already in the music business. The cat cannot stop chasing mice and a full-blooded musician releases music as long as he can still breathe.

Chris performs on his new album keyboards, acoustic piano and programming. Guest musician on selected tracks is saxophonist Vincent Ingala. Chris is not the typical smooth jazz pianist. In contrary he is an avid hiker between the worlds of smooth jazz and new age.

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Chris Geith – Well Tempered Love

well-tempered-loveKeyboardist Chris Geith is no stranger in the field of contemporary jazz having performed with well known artists like Peter White, Warren Hill and Vincent Ingala. His unique piano / keyboard work is immediately recognizable. Geith’s music is all about variety presented in a highly polished contemporary jazz concept, where jazz, funk, pop, rock and even classical all blend together creating exciting songs the include everything from driving grooves to lush orchestral string arrangements. Well Tempered Love features also chart topping sax player Vincent Ingala on two songs.

Well Tempered Love will be soon an instant classic. The long awaited new album from one of the hottest keyboardists in contemporary jazz! (Physical CDs will be available soon!).

Just arrived at CDBaby.

Chris Geith – Chasing Rainbows

Keyboardist Chris Geith is known for his sales success on the internet platform His recent albums Timeless World (2007) and Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010) were also chart toppers. His collaboration with David Wells No Side Effects (2013) was often played on radio stations around the USA.

His newest album Chasing Rainbows (2014) is currently available as download only, but Chris has promised to manufacture some CDs for his next show. The first track Andromeda shines with elegant piano performance. Atmospheric force receives the piece through sustainable re-verb effects. Comparable is this with Brian Culbertson’s newest effort Another Long Night Out.

However, Chris’ music tends more to the New Age field. Green Shadow wide spreads romantic advances. Absolute Magnitude takes the style sheet of the first piece again. Chasing Rainbows has nothing to do with Ray Wilson’s album. It is knit more for the Weather Channel, where Chris found already considerable appeal.

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Chris Geith – Chasing Rainbows

Chasing RainbowsIf you listen to Smooth Jazz / instrumental music, chances are, you have heard keyboardist Chris Geith. His music has been among the most streamed / downloaded on the first generation website with a whopping 1,400,000 + downloads.

Chris began playing piano at the age of six. Starting with classical, Chris moved into Jazz graduating from the “Manhattan School of Music” with a masters degree and “advance standing” for his musical skills. Chris was awarded the “20th Anniversary Keyboard Competition” prize, in 1995 by Keyboard magazine for his composition “Sunrise Hunter”.

If you watch the Weather Channel you’ve heard this music before. Chris Geith has been one of the most played artists on the “Local on the 8s” for several years. With “Chasing Rainbows” this music is finally available for download online right at CDBaby!

Chris Geith – Island Of A Thousand Dreams

Chris Geith knows a secret. The secret of success. His sophomore album Prime Time was one of the best selling albums on holding the Nr.1 position in the charts smooth jazz, jazz fusion and contemporary urban/R&B over months. The album was downloaded more than 1,400,000 times.

His new album Island Of A Thousand Dreams is released at CDBaby and currently the best selling album in Smooth Jazz. Members of his group are Chris Geith – Piano/Keyboards, Fred Scerbo – Saxophones, Matt Marshak – Guitars, Mark Mullers – Bass, Dean Kosh – Drums. The same musicians have recorded this album with the exception of the drummer, who was Donny J D on the album. All songs were composed, arranged and by Chris Geith.

The album is packed with fifteen songs, enough for over one hour music. We tumble into the album with Watch Your Step, a sizzling tune with a great piano line, propelling shuffle beat and a broad horn support. Easy Does It appeals with an attractive melody, the first approach to the imaginary island of dreams.

Once In A Lifetime is a good place for Chris Geith expansive piano journey. Avoid to listen to Coastal Daydreaming, when you are driving your car. Caught by this song you could easily crash. Chris Geith shines on the romantic ballade The Mirror Of Happiness. If you love the music of Richard Clayderman, Jim Brickman and David Foster, this is something for you.

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Chris Geith – Island of A Thousand Dreams

The Chris Geith Group are Chris Geith (piano, keyboards, programming), Matt Marshak (guitars), Fred Scerbo (saxophone), Mark Mullers (bass), Donny D (drums, percussion), Dean Kosh (drums) and Al Davis (trumpet, trombone). The music of The Chris Geith Group is based on a combination of many different styles including jazz, R&B, latin, pop, and classical, but focused in blending them into a contemporary jazz context.

The newest album is entitled Island of A Thousand Dreams. Over two years in the making, this album is  featuring also some of his most popular music heard recently nationwide on the Weather Channel including the songs “Blue Horizons”, “Diamonds In The Sky”, “When Morning Comes” and much more. Start dreaming!

The album is available at CDBaby and already a CDBaby top seller!