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Bob Holz – Visions & Friends

After scoring some success with A Vision Forward (2015), Bob Holz releases his sophomore effort, this time with some extra help. Visions & Friends (MVD Records, 2017) is a set of all-original music.

The players are Holz, drums and percussion; Larry Coryell and Alex Machacek, guitars; Ralphe Armstrong and Mike Schoeffter, bass; Randy Brecker, trumpet on “Flat Out” and “For the One”; Billy Steinway, keyboards; David Goldberg, saxophones; Tori Higley, vocals on selected tracks; Rob Stathis, accompanying piano on “Eleven High”; Zoe Stathis-Sandor, vocals on “Take It From Maurice”; and Scott Gerling, percussion on “Take It From Maurice.”

“Flat Out” sets the tone for this set. This lively groove crosses the bridge between funk, fusion and instrumental rock. Brecker and Machacek are the stars, fronting the main theme and enjoying invigorating solos. Steinway and Schoeffter get their licks in as well. Holz keeps it all together, adding just the right touch to whatever is happening in the moment.

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Bob Holz – A Vision Forward

Drummer and percussionist Bob Holz has formed a new group, whose name inspires the title of their new release, A Vision Forward (MVD Records, 2016).

Holz is accompanied by a variable lineup comprised of the following: Larry Coryell, guitar; Mike Stern, guitar; Randy Brecker, trumpet; Ada Rovatti, sax on “A Vision Forward”; Billy Steinway, keyboards; Steve Weingart, keyboard solos on “Shooting Range” and “The Stand Up”; Bob Wolfman, guitar; John Viavattine Jr., bass on all tracks; Jesse Collins, alto sax; Tori Higley, vocals; John Viavattine Sr., flute, tenor sax and soprano sax; and Ethan Wojcik, trombone on “The Stand Up.”

“A Vision Forward” is an upbeat groove. A three-instrument panel leads the bright, sunny melody. Solos are by Brecker, Rovatti and Steinway. The trumpet is muted in sections. The song has elements of fusion and funk, moving seamlessly between the two.

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