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Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra – Bloom

Women have always been part of the jazz scene. They were mostly vocalists in the early days, but eventually became composers and musicians of all instruments. Mindi Abair, saxophone; Ingrid Jensen, trumpet; Natalie Cressman, trombone; Dida Pelled, guitar; Terri Lyne Carrington, drums; Esperanza Spalding, bass; Patrice Rushen, piano. These are just a few to show the diversity present today. Now comes Asuka Kakitani, composer, arranger and conductor of a jazz orchestra.

Bloom (Nineteen-Eight Records, 2013) by the Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra showcases the artist’s songwriting and leadership skills. She leads an 18-piece ensemble on this debut recording.

Each selection is upwards of seven minutes, giving the orchestra plenty of breathing room. “Electric Images” is one of the more ambitious pieces, mixing the near-symphonic sound of the orchestra with popular music elements. Soloists are bassist Dave Ambrosio, pianist Mike Eckroth, who plays Fender Rhodes electric piano on this selection, and guitarist Pete McCann. The 13-piece horn section – woodwinds and brass – blend and harmonize as a unit.

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Cindy Bradley – Bloom

Cindy Bradley is one of the blessed women showered with presents like beauty and a great musical talent. The decision in young years to choose the trumpet now bears fruits. She toured with Pieces of a Dream and performed on events like the Catalina Island Jazztrax Festival, the River Raisin Jazz Festival or the Woodbridge Summer Festival.

She started her career with the self-produced debut album Just A Little Bit (2007). Although she is often compared with Chris Botti and Rick Braun, she claims to have an own style: “I haven’t modeled myself after Rick or Chris, though I think they’re great.”

Her new album Bloom (2009) was released by the label Trippin ‘n’ Rhythm. Respect for Les Cutmore and Jeff Lunt to support a rather unknown talent. All tracks were written, performed, mixed, produced and engineered by Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening.

Cindy comments: “Michael just did such an incredible job with this project. He is not only super talented and good at what he does, but he is one of the coolest, most down-to-earth, humble guys I have met in this business – and that is really key to getting the best out of any artist. He also chose a really great group of musicians to play on the recording”.

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