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Eddie Reddick – Bass Matters

Eddie Reddick’s new 2018 album Bass Matters is a compilation of funky informative songs staying true to the old school format. The title cut, “Bass Matters” is a funky instrumental featuring the Bass. “This Time”, is a tune dealing with a male who tries to convince his ex lover that no one will do all the things he did for her when they were together, and how wrong she was for walking out on him. “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” is a song dealing with a guy who made a bad choice in a moment of weakness, his wife finds out, an now he’s paying for the mistake because she has left him. Now he’s trying to win her back. “Just Like I Told You”, is a song depicting how two people meet, fall in love, get married have kids, face many adversities and still manage to stay together, way into their golden years. “Total Ecstasy”, is a Bass driven song dealing with a shy guy who doesn’t have the courage to approach a woman he’s been attracted to for a while, so he keeps promising himself every night will be the night he will make his move.

“Never Give Up”, is another Bass Driven song explaining that we should never give up on anything we choose to pursue in life. “Distractions”, is a song describing how so many things in our lives are taking our attention away from things which are important to us, causing negative things to occur as a result of losing focus. “The Most Beautiful Girl”, is a song written by Prince. I’ve always loved the melody and the message of this song. That’s the reason I decided to cover it on this CD. “Wish I Could Do That”‘ is a song of love and hope. Encouraging the whole world to sing and dance along with each other. A great compilation of heartfelt songs written to entertain and inform on some level or other. Let it play, listen and enjoy the stories and the grooves.

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