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Aston Grey Project – The Hits

astongreyproject8Aston Grey Project has covered so much ground in a short time. On Sept 10, 2013 released Chill Lounge, the bands first CD ever! Right off the top the guys show you they are here for serious business. Released on the Platinum Vybe Recordings label. The CD gives you insight that all the players are very skilled and ready to show the world just what the Aston Grey Project has to offer. The band was founded by Platinum Vybe Recordings president Chris Clay, who ‘s also an active member of the band. Each member of the Aston Grey Project has been apart of the music business for a minimum of 15 years as studio musicians, writers or vocalist. The Nucleus of the band is Chris Clay (Piano, Strings, Programming, Percussions), Dowell Jones (Drums), Lionel Samuel (guitars), Brandon Green (electric/acoustic bass/upright). All whom have been apart of the music industry for many years.

The band is holding true to that with there second smooth jazz offering Changing The Game featuring lots of great surprises. After 5 CD the guys release the top requested songs from all of them plus 1 new track titled Dance With Me. The Hits are now available at CDBaby.


Aston Grey Project – The Sensual Side

The Sensual SideIf you’re a lover of smooth jazz, then chances are you’re also a lover, period…and that’s two reasons to be excited about The Aston Grey Project’s new release, The Sensual Side. Inspired by the sensual, romantic connections that couples experience, The Sensual Side is the follow-up to the North Carolina group’s previous best-seller, Changing the Game. This latest release once again aptly showcases the talents of guitarist Reggie Graves and saxophonist Gabriel Bello, with singer Charmel Allen being joined by vocalists Nicci Canada, & Stephfon, to craft the ultimate lovers’ soundtrack.

The album primes your mind right from its opening song, “On my way home to you”: a sexy groove that immediately sets the mood. The Aston Grey Project’s artists harness a variety of styles to maintain that atmosphere, ranging from tracks like “We Were Made for Love,” reminiscent of Erykah Badu’s signature soulful sound, to the Marvin Gaye-inspired “I Want You.” Songs like “Touch It” and “Love On Replay” demonstrate the group’s ongoing development as they not only show confidence in their combined skills, but also a willingness to take risks as they experiment with different artistic styles in pursuit of a unique listening experience.

Overall, it’s a gamble that pays off handsomely: The Sensual Side succeeds in creating an album inspired by lovers, for lovers as well as a worthy addition to their growing body of work that all smooth-jazz fans will categorize as a “must-have” for their collection. Now on sale at CDBaby.

Aston Grey Project – Changing the Game

Changing the GameThe Aston Grey Project a smooth jazz band formed by music industry vet Chris Clay back in 2012. With a strong urge to challenge himself to create the music he loves the Aston Grey Project came into existence. The band released it’s very first CD in 2013 titled the Chill Lounge. The CD spun a couple of radio hits “Groovin and Your smile”. in early 2014 the band went back into the lab to start working on concepts for the new CD Changing The Game.

The ideas was flowing like a river and the band was off to recording after 4 months the band achieved 38 concept records all aimed for this new CD. Here’s the result, 15 of the very best songs from those sessions. We promises that in this 15 tracks your hear the growth of the band from a musical and writing standpoint.

Early response to this CD has been nothing less than great. At EVERY listening session, everyone in the room was ready to line up and purchase the compact disc. Even though the music wasn’t for sale at that time it really made the guys feel like they nailed it. Now you have the opportunity to be apart of the this sophomore offering from the Aston Grey Project.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the band coming to your area soon. The guys are gearing up to tour on this CD. Visit the bands website for dates and videos and free music. Thank you for your Support and please share our vibe with all your jazz loving friends. Buy the album at CDBaby.