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Appleton – Appleton’s Choice

The band Appleton was founded in 1967 by brothers John (piano, keyboards), Chris (bass), and Stephen Brenninkmeijer (drums). They performed as cover band in the local area of Frankfurt. After a long hiatus the group restarted in 1998 joined by Chris Perschke (trombone), Karen Schäfer (sax), Thomas Siffling (trumpet) and Barbara Drennan (vocals). Andreas Pompe replaced Karen Schäfer in 2010 on sax. Belgian jazz singer Carol Vanwelden succeeded the English singer Barbara Drennan in 2015. Further member is Harry Terkowsky (guitars).

The formation released 40 (2007), Friesian Chair (2010), The White Christmas Album (2012), Here, There And Everywhere in 2015 and this year Appleton’s Choice. The album is the substrate of the personal musical preferences of the respective band members.

The album starts with a rendition of Lisa Stansfield’s song The Real Thing from her eponymous album (1997). Caroll Vanwelden has that certain timbre that puts her in dangerous proximity to Stansfield. Abracadabra is a song by American rock group Steve Miller Band from the same named album (1982). Appleton takes a more leisurely approach to their interpretation and brings it into the realm of cabaret.

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Appleton – Appleton´s Choice

The current CD Appleton´s Choice of the band Appleton reflects exactly what is expected in the title of the CD. A very personal song selection of the individual band members selected from the band’s more than 50 years of history. The result is a colorful mixture of well-known pop songs from various decades and original compositions. Everything bundled in the unmistakable Appleton sound which is sometimes groovy, sometimes funky and sometimes pop.

Songs like Lisa Stansfield “The Real Thing” and Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance” meet the Beatles classics like “Day Tripper und Let it be ” Then a little more Sting with “Roxanne” and it’s done. Let yourself be surprised. The band Appleton is grouped around the Belgian jazz singer Caroll Vanwelden, who succeeded the English singer Barbara Drennan in 2015. Appleton is known for his own interpretations of songs by the Beatles, Van Morrison, Steve Miller, Sting, etc.

The band was founded in 1967 by the brothers John, Chris and Stephen Brenninkmeyer and was known in the Frankfurt area as a cover band. In 1969 an advertising single for C&A Mode was recorded, at that time with guitarist and jazz musician Werner G. Seifert. Harald Terkowsky soon took over his position as rock guitarist. In 1972 the band took a break to dedicate themselves to their family, studies and professional careers. Continue reading