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Andy Snitzer – Higher

Saxophonist Andy Snitzer is an in demand sideman performing with famous musicians like Paul Simon, Sting, The Rolling Stones and others. His solo projects shine however brighter꞉ Some Quiet Place (2006), Cool Struttin’ (2008), Traveler (2011), The Rhythm (2013) and American Beauty (2015) are to mention.

His new project is entitled Higher (2020). This album will be released worldwide on 23 October 2020. On Higher, his ensemble is anchored by Alain Mallet, who played a smaller role on previous albums (including Traveler, American Beauty, 2008’s Cool Struttin’ and 2013’s The Rhythm) but whose shape shifting contributions (including synths, percussion and arrangements) to each track on Higher earned him Co-Producer credit. The other key members of Snitzer’s team are guitarists Bernd Schoenhart, James Harrah and Leonardo Armeudo; bassists Tim Lefebvre and Reggie Hamilton; and drummers Gary Novak, Graham Hawthorne, and Michael White. The album was mixed by another longtime associate David Mann, who has played that role on each Snitzer album since Traveler.

While the lockdown due to the pandemic has forced countless jazz musicians to shift gears from the live studio setting to compiling and editing tracks from remote work spaces, that’s been Snitzer’s preferred wheelhouse for years. The saxman worked the approach to his great sonic advantage on Higher, building from enormous palettes of sounds to create arrangements he couldn’t have imagined when he originated each track with his sax and machine generated drums, bass and keys. He sent those bare bones elements first to his bass players, then to his drummers and on to Mallet, guitar players, and finally to the horn section. The saxophonist then used his MIDI and Pro Tools to compile, edit and shift textures to other sections (where necessary) to build the final stellar tracks. Continue reading

Andy Snitzer – American Beauty

Saxophonist Andy Snitzer is an in demand sideman performing with famous musicians like Paul Simon, Sting, The Rolling Stones and others. His solo projects shine however brighter꞉ Some Quiet Place (2006), Traveler (2011), The Rhythm (2013) and this year American Beauty.

On his newest album he is supported by David Mann (additional production, keys/synths/MIDI, saxophones, flutes), pianist Alain Mallet, bassist Tim Lefebvre, drummers Karl Latham, Clint de Ganon and Gary Novak, the horn section of Kent Smith (trumpet) and Michael Davis (trombone), Carl Fischer (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and tenor sounds), guitarist Chuck Loeb, and trumpet player Rick Braun.

The album starts with September ‘79, the time, when Andy visited his high school. He celebrates his sweet memories with a lush sax sound full of emotional tones.

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Andy Snitzer – American Beauty

American BeautyAndy Snitzer has performed and recorded with a veritable who’s who of contemporary music artists. From Eric Clapton to Beck, Aretha Franklin to Naughty by Nature, Dr. John to Christina Aguilera, performances with these artists and many others have showcased Andy’s passionate sound and melodic style, and have earned him a place in the elite ranks of contemporary saxophonists. As a member of the Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon world tours, Andy has performed worldwide before millions in over 40 countries. As a member of Paul Simon’s touring band (a position he currently holds), Andy joins a world-class assemblage of musicians from Africa, Europe and the USA in a band of widespread critical acclaim. Andy’s three solo records, “Ties that Bind”, “In the Eye of the Storm” and “Some Quiet Place, set the bar for inventiveness and creativity in Contemporary Jazz, and showcase Andy’s outstanding ability as a player, writer, drum programmer and record producer.

The lush and melodic, sonically adventurous set artfully blends retro touches in groove and instrumentation with electronic-driven soundscapes and patternbased motions. While keeping the rich, emotional thrust of his horn front and center, the creatively restless composer and artist continues to expand the textural palette he inaugurated on Traveler (and continued exploring on 2013’s The Rhythm).

The songs on the provocatively titled American Beauty create a thoughtful ideological response to Traveler. Snitzer celebrates wonderful memories of the past while sharing the joy of his life “here in the moment.” This album is simultaneously an ode to a nascent American musical life, full of hope and dreams, and a reflection on that same life after three decades of work, travel, and return to home. “On Traveler,” Snitzer says, “I wrote many of the songs in cities across the globe, responding to inspiration from some beautiful, exotic, far away places; places that I am not from…

American Beauty is a response to the process that led to “Traveler”; a reflection on my home, conceived and composed here; on experiences, people, and places, through formative years in the late 70s and early 80s, and also on life as it is now.” American Beauty features special guest performances by Fourplay guitarist Chuck Loeb, who rocks and jangles on the old school R&B jam “Mondays at Gert’s”; and Rick Braun, whose flugelhorn adds a dreamy sensuality to the playful and easy thumping soul-jazz tune “She Loves Me.”

American Beauty officially releases on Oct 23rd, and from right now until that date the album is available at a special presale price. And, the first 50 copies come autographed, if you like that kind of thing. To access the presale, just go to and click the “Store” link in the upper right hand corner. The album features a stellar cast of musical peers.

Andy Snitzer – The Rhythm

Saxophonist Andy Snitzer is ready for another round. The Rhythm (Native Language, 2013) is the promising follow-up to Traveler (2011), which peaked in the top 10 of Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz chart, scoring two top-five singles.

Snitzer has been a member of the Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon world tours, and since 1999 a member of Paul Simon’s band. He has performed in several genres, having dates with such acts as Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Vanessa Williams, Nancy Wilson, Jay-Z, Jane Monheit and Christina Aguilera.

“Candy,” the first single, sets the tone for the entire set. This groove is punctuated by cool bass of James Genus with the horn section of Jim Hynes and Tony Kadleck on trumpets, and Michael Davis on trombone. Alain Mallet on keys, Bernd Schoenhart on guitar and Michael White on drums complete the lineup. Snitzer leads the way on tenor, playing happily.

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Andy Snitzer – The Rhythm

TheRhythmSaxophonist Andy Snitzer returns with his new album, The Rhythm, a new groove-oriented instrumental release steeped in richly textured worldbeat elements and dynamic urban grooves. The album, Andy’s first all-new studio recording in two years, was produced in between Andy’s travels with the legendary Paul Simon.

Co-produced and co-written by saxophonist David Mann, the album includes performances by Mann, guitarist Chuck Loeb and trumpeter Till Bronner, backed by a renouned rhythm section that includes keyboardist Alain Mallet, bassists James Genus and Tim Levebfre, and drummer Shawn Pelton. Featured cuts on the album include the first single “Candy,” “Velvet,” and “No Exit.”

The Rhythm is available at

Andy Snitzer – Traveler

Though he was active, saxophonist Andy Snitzer had not fronted an all-new studio recording in almost 12 years. He gets back into the groove with Traveler (Native Language, 2011). A mix of soft, pop-jazz and electronica, the set celebrates his travels abroad.

“Marseille” is a tranquil piece that features Snitzer on the tenor, David Mann on flutes and Chuck Loeb on guitar. The ethereal mood is accented by the synths, performed by Mann, Snitzer and pianist Alain Mallet.

“Lausanne” captures the element of getting around. Its lively groove creates a vision of exploring nightlife or simply cruising, taking in the sights. Bassist James Genus and drummer Karl Latham help set the tone. Mallet adds some nice piano fills and kicks in a delightful, yet brief solo.

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