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Airborne – Silver Skies

Contemporary jazz group Airborne from New Haven celebrates its 25th anniversary. Take Off in 1990, Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004), Turbulence (2007), Winds of Change (2008), New Horizons (2010), Back In The Dayz – Airborne Anthology (2011) and this year Silver Skies is a long discography, which bears witness to the consistency and professionalism of this formation.

From the very start, the album radiates with Touching The Morning Sun in sunny cheerfulness. The song sounds like a piece that was recorded on the first take. Full of energy and not edited. Heated by a percussion intro Cuban Style takes on full speed.

City Spirits is on many sections similar to the style of Shakatak. Elizabeth Dellinger sets highlights and vocal accents. BK’s Jazz Joint puts the emphasis at jazzy phrasing. The length of the piece allows the participating musicians extensive solos. On Just Chilin the group shows what they have fun at most, a relaxed interaction.

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Airborne – Silver Skies

Silver SkiesAirborne is proud to announce the release of “Silver Skies,” which celebrates the 25th anniversary of this dynamic band. This project with all new compositions is a testimonial to the wisdom, endurance, determination, spirit and extraordinary talents of the contemporary jazz group Airborne.

The formation of Airborne was in the early 1980s by Thomas Sansone, Thomas Borino, and Greg Borino. The signature jazz sound of Airborne was nurtured in the communities of art and music that flourished in the streets of the multicultural city of New Haven, Conn., where the band was born and raised. In 1988, they embarked on their amazing jazz recording career that has included a total of 15 CDs.Mixx Magazine once declared, “Listening to them is a whirling musical journey packed with emotion and flawless execution …”

25 years later, “Silver Skies” includes unique compositions that take you on a musical journey filled with various jazz styles, along with influences the band has experienced and treasured. The vibrant arrangements fire the hot music, while the techniques of the musicians awake an addictive “feel-good” theme with hot rhythms smoothly cruising on a cool sea of music and voices. This Airborne trademark sound of island passion and urban emotion celebrates joyful jazz with a message. Airborne is the musical peacemakers of contemporary jazz.

Jump onboard the Airborne experience and enjoy the voyage into the “Silver Skies.” Visit for concert dates, band biographies, video and information on the band’s educational endeavors.

Airborne – Christmas: Holiday Music

AirborneChristmas: Holiday Music takes you onboard a magical and musical journey through this wonderful season.  An enchanted collection of seasonal favorites and original compositions that are powerful and intensely creative yet inspires a peaceful serenity and a message of hope.

The musical and vocal arrangements raise your spirit to a higher level of joy and peace. The music of Airborne fills your mind and heart with dreams of happiness that really overflows in this season of love. This music awakens within all of us the love and the feeling of global unity, friendship, and peace for the whole world. This is truly the message of Airborne in this Christmas: Holiday Music Collection.

The songs:

Every Year at Christmas Time, The Christmas Song, The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas Time is Here, Let it Snow, O Holy Night, I Wander, What Child is This, White Christmas, Silent Night.

Buy your Airborne Christmas album at CDBaby.

I Happened To Hear 3/2011

Yes, the owner of this site has already reviewed this CD but I’ve grown to love Cynthia’s music and I’ve been playing this CD and putting tracks on my playlist again recently.

I’m a fan of instrumental music but a voice like this is enough to turn that around. Enjoy the huskiness on the ultra-sexy ‘Be You’. The hook on the chorus is coming to GET YOU! The production is so sparse and the instrumentation so minimal. This is how to make a modern soul record. ‘Letting you Go’ chugs like a steam train. The bass grumbles and the programmed drums snap while Cynthia’s voice pleads. This should be all over the radio.

Great soul music takes time out to soothe as well as to kick @ss and the atmosphere on ‘I Can’t Change You’ owes almost as much to the piano and breathy alto sax as it does to an unusually vulnerable sounding vocal. Still, it has to kick @ss and on ‘Will U Be There’ there is plenty of kicking going on. The Temptations-style intro leads into a very high-tech dance workout which will leave you breathless. Anyone clubbing in Ibiza this summer who does not hear this needs to have a quiet word with the DJ. Come on Masters at Work – get behind this!!!

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Airborne – Back In The Dayz – Airborne Anthology

Contemporary jazz group Airborne from New Haven comprises of Gregory Borino (guitars, vocals), Thomas Sansone (sax, flute, vocals), Thomas Borino (piano, keyboards, organ, vocals), Dave Ramsey (drums), Donnell Roberts (bass), Asher Delerme (percussion) and Randy Bost (trumpet, flugelhorn).

They started their career with Take Off in 1990, followed by Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004), Turbulence (2007), Winds of Change (2008) and in 2009 year New Horizons. Their newest album Back In The Dayz – Airborne Anthology (2011) is a Best-of-album of their previous hits and new songs. The tunes from their earlier albums are re-mastered.

The grooving Back In The Dayz introduces into the album presenting the group as a great entertaining unit. You are welcome to the party! Thomas Sansone (sax) and Randy Bost (trumpet) deliver a hot packet.

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Airborne – Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology

Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, CT USA is moving forward with their 8th CD Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology. This project is a wonderful collection of new material and edited and re-mastered compositions from other Airborne CD’s.

It is a testimony to jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause. Joyful Jazz with a Message! Airborne the proclaimed “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz formed in 1988 celebrates years of recordings, jazz festivals, gigs, and the whole ups and downs of being musicians. The members have toured Europe, Japan and across the USA. Airborne has many successful CD’s and has received worldwide airplay and international acclaim.

Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology takes you onboard a magical and musical journey to a motivating, high energy, intensely creative, yet peaceful serenity of island passion and complex urban emotion where the compassion of Airborne raises up the spirit of humility and reflects the empathy and moral obligation we as people of dignity must adhere to.

One has to admire Airborne, a veteran jazz band that has made inroads into the hearts of jazz fans across the world over the years. They are a supercharged carnival of musicians that add a much needed dose of global adventure to jazz. Airborne’s musical recipe takes a can of straight ahead jazz with Caribbean and Latino influences. Pour in a few tablespoons of jazz fusion and a heaping cup of urban street funk. Then cook all ingredients with pure technical talent till it gets boiling hot.

Inspiring compositions of depth and character we’ve come to expect from this world class jazz group! A pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions! Airborne gives one hope that Contemporary Jazz is still alive! Their album is arrived at CDBaby.

Airborne – New Horizons

New Haven based contemporary jazz group Airborne are founded by Gregory Borino (guitars, vocals), Thomas Sansone (sax, flute, vocals), Thomas Borino (piano, keyboards, organ, vocals). They constantly released albums since a long time. Take Off in 1990, followed by Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004), Turbulence (2007), Winds of Change (2008) and this year New Horizons.

Their albums have often a motto and a special impetus. For example the group demands with Winds of Change common ground, solidarity and the willingness to make the world better. The new album New Horizons follows the same concept: “The music of Airborne reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace. One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that’s just over the new horizons. ”

The album comes up with the mid-tempo Sunrise. Heavy like the mighty sun rises the wave of chords and melody. The Bossa Nova flavored Take Me Away attracts with a nice tune. Ornamented by Elisabeth Dellinger’s and Yvette Early’s vocals especially the acoustic guitar performance enjoys.

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Airborne – New Horizons

Airborne the “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz are rising higher and soaring on New Horizons with their new and 7th CD to date. The warm, yet cool atmosphere of this wonderful project takes you on a magical and musical journey to a new day filled with joy and hope.

Its Smooth Jazz theme rides on the successful inspiration of their last chart-topping CD Winds of Change. Groove music with depth and character that is captivating and entrancing. Joyful Jazz with a message!

The CD also expands the artistic World Fusion motif of their 2007 release of Turbulence and regenerates the soulful energy of their 2004 release of Heavy Vibes with its Latin grooves and R&B vocal arrangements. And for the first time, Airborne has released a CD covering two great R&B Classics. Inserting the Airborne sound to “Sunny” written by Bobby Hebb and “God Bless the Child” by the amazing Billie Holiday. Giving this a unique pleasure for fans that know in Airborne concerts there is always crowd pleasing R&B vocal tunes mixed with the Airborne jazz compositions that rock the house. Sound samples available at and at CDBaby.

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