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Adam Maslowski – F-Hole in Outer Space

I love instrumental guitar music. I love studying music theory. I love improvising. I love jazz, and fusion music. I was brought up listening to rock and jazz. So, after all my years of practicing, and studying, I finally feel like it is time to do an album devoted to the kind of music I like. This has been a totally fun and rewarding experience. I am finally able to try to compose music of my own. I love that it has structure to it, and usually strong melodies, but it gives me a chance to play what I love most. That is improvising. I love to play emotionally and let it come out different every time.

Most of my songs are based on a theme, or an emotion or a feeling. I try to convey that in each song. I feel that my songs are very storytelling in their emotional journies. Just like a good book or movie, they introduce you to the mood at the beginning, then develop a little character, get into the story, and then usually build to some kind of a climax and then kind of re-state the whole mood again.

My songs celebrate life through music. Some are a tribute to a person or an entire race of people. Some just try to re-create the feeling I had at a certain time in my life, or the emotion I felt at a particular moment.
I feel there is something for everyone in this album. Especially if you like guitar instrumental music. I loved the sound of the electric guitar ever since I was a young kid. I spent most of my life trying to fall in love all over again with the instrument and I think I am hooked for life. It has many colors and sometimes I am accused of trying to play too many different styles of music. Variety keeps me alive. I keep growing and am surprised daily at how much I have learned, and how much I still have yet to learn.

If you like the sound of a guitar, you just might like this album. It contains the stuff that made me fall in love with the guitar many years ago right now at CDBaby.