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Paris Combo – 5

Jazz with a French twist. That’s 5 (DRG Records, 2013) by Paris Combo.

Paris Combo consists of Belle du Berry, lead vocals; Potzi, guitar; Francois Jeannin, drums, percussion and vocals; David Lewis, trumpet, flugelhorn and piano; and Emmanuel Chabbey, contrabass. A string trio also contributes: Renaud Guieu, cello; Floriane Bonnani, violin; and Jeremie Pasquier, viola.

“Je Te Vois Partout” has a bit of a Bourbon Street parade vibe. Like many of the songs in this set, it combines elements of jazz with French folk sounds. It’s right at home in a jazz dance club or part of the soundtrack for Casablanca.

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Paris Combo – 5

5Love is a universal language and Paris Combo confirms that music is as well. The five-piece French band that has garnered global acclaim and an immense following for its unique mélange of colorful cabaret, elegant jazz, multicultural world music and sassy alterna-pop will release their fifth studio album, the appropriately titled “5,” on March 12th on DRG Records. To support the diverse dozen songs in every shade of love written by the band and produced by Bénédicte Schmitt and Dominique Blanc-Francard, Paris Combo will embark on a 12-city U.S. concert trek launching April 19th in Cleveland, OH.

It has been since 2004 that Paris Combo released a new album, “Motifs,” which was supported with a concert tour that visited the iconic Hollywood Bowl where they were accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. The troupe consisting of chanteuse Belle du Berry, Potzi (guitar), François Jeannin (drums, percussion, vocals), and David Lewis (trumpet, flugelhorn, piano) reunited in 2010 after a four-year hiatus and spent a year writing, rehearsing and rediscovering their hallmark sound. After adding new bassist Emmanuel Chabbey to the lineup at the end of 2011, they returned to extensive touring where they performed new material that evolved into “5” and delivered another memorable show at Hollywood Bowl.

“In 2006, we gave ourselves the luxury of taking a break from touring and recording so each of us could return to his or her individual musical sources – a breathing space to allow inspiration to happen. Four years later, we reunited in a rehearsal studio – in Paris of course – and without even playing our previous repertoire, together we started composing new songs. The group’s chemistry was magic straightaway. Right from the first notes, the chords, the melodies, and the grooves sounded spontaneous and naturally like ‘Paris Combo.’ It was like a reunion with an old friend. The tone was set and we knew we would have fun co-writing our new material and exploring all the different aspects of the group’s identity – the ‘Paris Combo style,’” said du Berry, whose lyrical muse remains love. Continue reading