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Chillaxonic – 2nd Facet

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni produces new music faster than I can review it. Chillaxonic is an artificial word made up of Chill Out and Sonic. This label stands for a combination of the music styles jazz, chill out and electronica. This is the second album of a long lasting series.

Violet Twilight spreads a magic fluid of excellence combining piano and synth sounds for your personal dreams. As overlay he caresses the listener with soothing sax.

Soulful Awakenings acts as a tender wake-up call polished up with a wonderful mix of wavering sounds and flute. Together We Fly brings the ethereal to sonic perfection. Sax, synth and piano are found in seamless triad.

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Konstantin Klashtorni – 2nd Facet

Ukraine-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni has released his album 1st Facet under the project name Chillaxonic. It is probably due to the effervescent creativity of this gifted artist that he publishes his works under more and more new names. On the other hand, this name also results from a combination of the music styles Jazz, Chill Out and Electronica, which can be found on the new album.

We are already used to it from Konstantin that he utilizes the advantages of his own studio and records the album quasi all by himself. However this album features Michael Simon (trumpet) and Alex Yarosh (guitar) as guest musicians on selected tracks. Konstantin has written, mixed and recorded all tracks.

As always he creates a continuation and in this case it’s called 2nd Facet. Get this album as download on