Terje Lie – Urban Vacation

Norwegian native Terje Lie decided to move to the U.S. like many other European musicians because of Europe’s cultural music desert, when it comes to smooth jazz or contemporary jazz. His decision was right on the money.

“It’s great to look back and think about all the different styles of music I’ve played and the wide variety of places I have performed in my life,” Lie says. “When I’m on stage performing or recording music in the studio, time disappears.”

Saxophonist Terje Lie started his solo career with the album Traveler (2007) featuring contemporary jazz greats Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber. “Jeff and Jimmy enlightened me to many new angles and concepts that made this a fantastic experience for me. It’s been a great thing to record with them and the result is a seriously kickin’ album!”

Understandable that his sophomore album Urban Vacation (2010) was produced and performed by the same successful duo. Besides these musicians plays Tony Moore most of the drum parts. Additional guest-musicians are Mike Landau (guitar), Sharon Perry (vocals), Ernest Tibbs (bass), Jeff Olson (drums), Dwight Sills (guitar), Gary Meek (sax), and Ron King (trumpet).

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Airborne – New Horizons

Airborne the “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz are rising higher and soaring on New Horizons with their new and 7th CD to date. The warm, yet cool atmosphere of this wonderful project takes you on a magical and musical journey to a new day filled with joy and hope.

Its Smooth Jazz theme rides on the successful inspiration of their last chart-topping CD Winds of Change. Groove music with depth and character that is captivating and entrancing. Joyful Jazz with a message!

The CD also expands the artistic World Fusion motif of their 2007 release of Turbulence and regenerates the soulful energy of their 2004 release of Heavy Vibes with its Latin grooves and R&B vocal arrangements. And for the first time, Airborne has released a CD covering two great R&B Classics. Inserting the Airborne sound to “Sunny” written by Bobby Hebb and “God Bless the Child” by the amazing Billie Holiday. Giving this a unique pleasure for fans that know in Airborne concerts there is always crowd pleasing R&B vocal tunes mixed with the Airborne jazz compositions that rock the house. Sound samples available at www.airbornejazz.com/musicsamples.htm and at CDBaby.

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Oli Silk – The Limit’s The Sky

Fans of U.K.’s smooth jazz scene will remember Oli Silk as part of the group Sugar and Silk. Danny Sugar (bass guitar) and Oli Silk (keyboards) had two albums to their credits, Fact or Friction (2000) and Duality (2002).

While Danny Sugar became a designer and does lots of designs and all the artwork for Oli’s album, Oli Silk started his solo career with his debut album So Many Ways (2006), followed by the album The Limit’s The Sky in 2008. Both albums were released on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records.

Oli also produced James Vargas’ debut album (2004) and Jaared’s album Addiction (2008). Oli Silk has just begun the recording of his third album, which is scheduled for release August, 31st 2010.

A good reason to listen to his previous album The Limit’s The Sky. The title track opens the album with Jaared’s dirty, gritty sax intrusion served in a turntable scratch set. Peppered with that flavor Silk’s piano performance sounds fresh and contemporary.

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Stanley Clarke – The Stanley Clarke Band

Unlike his previous acoustic bass releases, Stanley Clarke feels that this album’s music is fresh and different from just about anything he’s done before. Produced by Clarke and Lenny White, the range of collaborative material on The Stanley Clarke Band has allowed him to venture to new levels of experimentation, utilizing his arsenal of bass instruments. Clarke compares this new release to the first three albums of his solo career: Journey to Love, Stanley Clarke, and School Days, with long extended electric pieces that take the listener on a kind of journey.

“Technically, it’s a Stanley Clarke record, but it’s very much a band-oriented record at the same time,” says Clarke. “I may be the leader, but everyone played an important role in what emerged. If a project like this can be looked at like a ship, I’d be the one steering the ship and keeping everybody on course. But all hands were definitely on deck, and everyone played an important role in getting us to our destination.”

Also a new foray for Clarke, the album includes original compositions from members of the band. He is joined by Stanley Clarke Band keyboardist Ruslan Sirota and drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr. – who have been performing and recording with him for the better part of five years. Innovative young musicians, they have virtually grown up in Clarke’s band and bring a freshness he admires. Following 2009’s highly-acclaimed Jazz In the Garden, this is featured artist Hiromi Uehara’s second Clarke recording collaboration. Clarke’s rugged and complex bass work serves as the ideal foil for her trademark fiery and expressive piano chops, as reflected through critics’ praising it as “a superb trio effort” (Bass Player) and “one of the best jazz CDs of the year” (San Jose Mercury News).

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Bill Frisell – Beautiful Dreamers

Guitarist and composer Bill Frisell has signed with Savoy Jazz and is preparing for the release of Beautiful Dreamers – a brand new recording consisting of original compositions and reinterpretations performed along with the unique talents of Eyvind Kang (viola) and Rudy Royston (drums). Produced by longtime collaborator Lee Townsend and recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, Beautiful Dreamers captures the musical magic that’s inhabited the performances of this particular ensemble since they first played live together as a trio in 2008. Frisell, a consummate artist who’s garnered respect and acclaim throughout his long career, considers this to be a particularly special project. Beautiful Dreamers will be released on the Savoy Jazz label on August 31st.

Bill Frisell’s artistry is legendary and he’s made an indelible imprint on American music. His passionate, versatile talent transcends genres while pushing musical boundaries. He’s worked comfortably within the realms of jazz, rock, progressive folk, Americana, blues and classical playing with his own hand-picked ensembles or collaborating with stellar musical peers such as Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, Brian Eno, Elvis Costello, Ricky Lee Jones, Suzanne Vega and Loudon Wainwright III to name a few. With Beautiful Dreamers, Bill Frisell has created one of his most personal musical statements working with Kang and Royston who engage him in seamless and stimulating musical dialogue.

Says Frisell: “I’m so fortunate having the chance to play music with Eyvind and Rudy and having an audience willing to go along for the latest adventure. I’m the luckiest guy in the world being surrounded by all these folks who have so much faith and trust in the music, helping me to make my dreams come true. ” Notes Lee Townsend: “We are very pleased to be embarking on the next phase of Bill’s recording career with the Savoy Label Group. Bill and I appreciate their enthusiasm for the breadth of his music and the commitment they have displayed in embracing the plan for the next few records.”

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Leon Ware With Don Grusin – Candlelight

Candlelight is  a great album by soul legend Leon Ware together with well-known jazz pianist Don Grusin and other stellar jazz/smoothe jazz musicians such as Brian Bromberg and Oscar Castro-Neves. A departure for Ware who has made his career in the soul/adult r&b genre with his masterful compositions for Marvin Gaye (I Want You) and Quincy Jones (Body Heat”/”If I Ever Lose This Heaven) and the late Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love).

Inspired by these songs and the intimacy of working together with Don Grusin, a masterful keyboardist. they offer a few originals as well, the title cut Candlelight in particular which blends well in mood and content with the standards such as My Foolish Heart, Invitation and My Funny Valentine. The album sets the stage for an intimate evening of romance. Get this rare album at CDBaby.

Jaared – Manhattan Nights

Washington, D.C., born Jaared is a master of all saxes. Alto sax, soprano sax, EWI, or tenor sax, give him something to blow and you will listen the finest notes. Meanwhile Jaared is a in-demand stage-hero and especially his concerts with Peter White foster his immense popularity.

That gave him the opportunity to build up his solo career, which started with his debut album Foreward (2001), followed by Hangtime (2002), both on Marcus Johnson’s label Lightyear/Marimelj. Addiction (2003) and this year Manhattan Nights (2010) are released on Les Cutmore’s Trippin n Rhythm Records.

Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening produced the album and also performed keyboards and programming. Jaared comments: “It was a blast and amazing working with Michael. His approach, his vision, everything is so on point. He is truly the best producer I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with and I look forward to many more albums together with him in the future.”

Further musicians on Jaared’s album are Mel Brown (bass), Freddie Fox (guitar), Thano Sahnas (guitar), Michael White (drums), Jay Soto (guitar), Greg Adams (trumpet), Tim Bowman (guitar), and many more.

Jaared draws on unlimited resources with the starting If You Know What I Mean. Gregg Adams, Bill Churchville (trumpet, trombone), and Nick Lane (trombone) team up to a splendid horn arrangement. The best backbone for Jaared first brilliant performance on alto and tenor sax.

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