Craig Sharmat – So Cal Drivin

Craig Sharmat leaves his love of composing and session work to release this initial offering. The album features a number of special guests including Rick Braun who helped oversee the final project. There are some tracks with his performing groove jazz band Comfort Zone and a host of special guests including Greg Matheison, Mike White, Philippe Saisse, Dino Soldo, Billy Hulting, Steve Billman, Andy Suzuki etc, etc.

Sharmat includes infectious grooves on tunes like So Cal Drivin (nationally charted), Spud Nutts (a homage to his composing mentor Lyle Murphy) Fish Fry and The Badger. Craig also includes the tune Brisa showing his love for Brazilian music and also includes two lush orchestral arrangements Dad and Midnight Jass featuring a specialty, orchestral arranging. The included Song for Colleen is a beautiful ballad with a catchy melody. Craig rounds out the collection with the uplifting Perfect Life and Smooth Sailing where he departs from his clean electric guitar playing on the latter tune in favor of a more rock guitar playing approach.

Sharmat has toured with Randy Crawford and Ronnie Laws. He has worked on Rick Braun’s Yours Truly album and Peter White’s Christmas album featuring Rick Braun and Mindi Abair. He has played/composed/ on thousands of TV, move and jingle cues. So Cal Drivin is arrived at CDBaby.


Jesse Cook – The Rumba Foundation

Tracing the roots of Jesse Cook there is much to discover. Born in Paris Jesse soon developed a strong affinity for the Flamenco music of the gypsies. After his parents separated, Cook accompanied his mother and sister to Canada, his mother’s birthplace. While he continued his studies in classical and jazz guitar at some of North America’s most prestigious music schools, he stayed in contact with the music of his childhood.

In fifteen years he released seven studio albums. After the debut album Tempest (1995), followed Gravity (1996), Vertigo (1998), Free Fall (2000) and Nomad (2003) on Narada. In 2004 he published the live-album Montréal and in 2007 Frontiers, both on EMI. Now he is back with his album The Rumba Foundation.

The album was recorded in two parts, in Toronto Jesse was supported by Rosendo (Chendy) Leon JR. (Drums and Percussion), Chris Church (all Violins, black Violin), Drew Birston (Double Bass), Dennis Mohammed (Bass), Rosendo (Chendy) Leon SR. (Bongos), Juan De Sedas (Accordion), Kevin Fox (Cello), Jonathan Tortolano (Cello), William Arivalo (Caja and Guacharaca), Jeremy Fisher (Vocals), in Bogota by the group Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto.

“I flew down to Colombia and worked with a group called Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto. They won a Latin Grammy back in 2007. They play traditional music known as Vallenato and they make all their own instruments by hand including gaitos flutes. I learned these flutes are always played in pairs and in only one key. They are doing it old school,” comments Jesse Cook.

Bogota By Bus is a fantastic journey into the vibrant music world of South America. Jesse involves the impressions of the long bus trip and Los Gaiteros add the typical flavor of the country. Santa Marta is a festival of infectious Latin music melting Cook’s guitar virtuosity with the local color fiction of Los Gaiteros. ‘I don’t think it’s ever been done before,” says Cook. “The sound is just so beautiful and so intoxicating to me. But, blending these styles also speaks to their shared roots.”

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Nick Gomez – The Third Date

This record makes Nick Gomez proud to do music. It took him 2 years to complete because, well, he is unsigned and self-funded. Because Nick doesn’t have a label to push him around he is able to take his time and make sure to give his fans a quality release. The Third Date although instrumental, was created during a very tumultuous part of Nicks life, especially in the dating scene. Though some regard this album as a break-up record, Nick really feels it represents his transition from that to being single and in your mid-20’s.

Nick Gomez’s second solo release is a beautiful smooth jazz record with vibrant grooves and an expansion into a more organic sound. The Third Date is now available at CDBaby.

Alan King Jr. – The Experiment

Alan King Jr., is an enlivened, up and coming, talented young musician inspired by the genre of Smooth Jazz. He is the quintessential jazz artist that plays a myriad of musical instruments including the piano and percussion with a passion and the stylistic influences drawn from Jazz, Funk, Urban, Pop and R&B.

His influences and musical niche are found in his new debut album The Experiment. Presently he is taking his great love for smooth jazz into his future. Alan King, the musician, the performer well-anticipated debut album; The Experiment, will be but a tool to bring live music back to the people. His audience will be satisfied that he waited to edify and solidify his craft. Alan is finally where is want to be in his life. He became serious about his music, begun to focus, discovered his niche, then his smooth jazz music grooves found him!

The Experiment is now arrived at CDBaby.

Vision Jazz – Distant Visions

Vision Jazz was formed by drummer/percussionist Burt Shur in 2007, and he partnered with keyboardist/composer Chuck Leichner shortly thereafter. a power house four piece band with all veterans who have been in the music business for over 25 years each. Vision Jazz plays a blend of Groove, Funk, Smooth jazz. This group is an outstanding, professional band ready for any occasion, whether in concert, club or private party. Presently performing in and around the Denver area. Besides their original music they also specializing in the best of the 1980’s contemporary jazz. This band will make you get up and dance, dance, dance!

Vision Jazz has just released their first CD Distant Visions. Joining Burt and Chuck on their debut album are southern California’s Greg Vail on saxophone and Denver’s own Eduardo “Bijoux” Barbosa on bass. For more information about the band visit their website. The album is now on sell at CDBaby.

Joseph Vincelli – Cocktail Mix

Joseph Vincelli‘s signature is his passion towards his music. It is evident on the stage, in his recordings, with his speeches and in his books. What sets him apart from other smooth jazz artists is his ability to create music from an array of sources which many others would consider stretching the limits.

Joseph has recorded thirteen CD’s and a DVD in a thirteen year period. It includes nine smooth jazz CD’s, two Christmas CD’s and two classic Jazz CD’s. As well, he recently has finished a fifteen year book project entitled, The Art Of Tone, Understanding Our Love For Music. His newest album is entitled Cocktail Mix. This album offers popular cover tunes performed in a cocktail setting with extended solos. Also, includes originals from out of print CD’s.  Listen to the album at CDBaby.

Galaxy Lounge – Welcome To The Party

During his time in New York Jon Grindstaff, the creator of the project Galaxy Lounge, performed on gigs around the city. As bass player he jammed in diverse bands, while his day job was writing for commercials. Since more than twenty years, he worked as a composer and arranger in New York, creating music for television and radio commercials.

Since 2002 Jon lives in Pennsylvania, where he was now infected by the music bug again. In 2008 Jon released his debut album Welcome To The Party and received high acclaims by the usual suspects. The album is still on spin on many syndicated radio shows. According to the liner notes Jon has written, arranged, played, programmed, recorded and mixed all songs. So Welcome To The Party is a one-man-show.

Voices celebrates a festival of jungle pipes and vocals. The lead theme is performed by a magic trumpet and recognized by bass and keyboards.

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