Ronnie Laws – Voices in the Water

YouTube, Google, MySpace. Enter “Ronnie Laws” in any search engine, and you’ll find worldwide die-hard admirers of his unique and compelling musical voice. They describe his work as outstanding, timeless, funky, bad-ass, high-quality, and real music to make you MOVE! People continue to sample his grooves, and admire his style. For more than 35 years, this musical legend has used his saxophone and his voice to satisfy his audience.

Ronnie’s most recent album, Voices in the Water, is his 26th solo release. It blends R&B with Jazz Fusion, and a surprising drop of rock and blues. This new album follows the success of his albums Dream a Little in 2000 (which yielded the Urban Adult and Smooth Jazz smash hit, Old Days/Old Ways, an Everlasting in 2004.

Voices in the Water is co-produced by Laws and veteran producer John Barnes (producer for Michael Jackson, Herb Alpert, and Betty Wright). The project, which was finalized and fine-tuned at Long Beach’s Century 22 Productions, is full of texture and imagination. An impressive list of musicians and vocalists add their own flavors to the album: Vocalists Louis Price, Martinette Jenkins, Joey Diggs and Bridgette Bryant, guitarists Rob Bacon and Freddie Fox, organist Tim Carmon, bassists Sekou Bunche and Alex Al, and legendary drummer James Gadson.

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dee Brown – A Little Elbowroom

Detroit born dee Brown is known by his collaboration with sax player Gentry Shelby (“Shelby Brown”) on the album Miracle. He started his solo career with the debut album No Time To Waste (2006). His sophomore album A Little Elbowroom was released in 2009 on the respected label NuGroove Music, which prospers under the guidance of David Chackler.

Dee dedicated the entire project to his father. “If it wasn’t for him introducing me to jazz, I would have never found my true love and passion.” Featured instrument on this album is the guitar inspired by George Benson and Wes Montgomery.

Further musicians on the album are saxophonists Dezie McCullers Jr., Darren Rahn, Trumpeter Frank McCullers, producer, writer Valdez Brantley, Chip Dixson, Nate Harasim, bassist Dave Henderson, Kern Brantley, vocalists Gerard Brooks and Dee D’mitri.

We are often confronted with the True Reality. In dee’s case the reality is mellow and appealing. Dee is supported by keyboardist Nate Harasim, who also co-wrote the song and Darren Rahn on sax.

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Kyle Wolverton – Soul Groove

Kyle was born in Seattle, Washington to Lee and Cherry Wolverton, an extremely musical family. Kyle’s Father, Lee as well as Kyle’s younger brother Joel, are also sax players. With Mom acting as the family manager and booking agent, the “Wolverton Family Sax Trio” was a very hot ticket throughout the greater Northwest. Much of their repertoire consisted of traditional gospel selections.

Growing up in the cozy, damp, environment of Seattle, Kyle had many hours to listen, learn, and play while watching the rain fall. With his early musical taste firmly rooted in gospel, Kyle found himself drawn toward influences such as Grover Washington Jr., Maceo Parker and David Sanborn. His love of fusion jazz combined with R&B influences such as Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and Keith Sweat soon melded together to create a very unique sound.

Kyle studied music at Pacific Union College. While in school, Kyle founded the Smooth Jazz -Fusion band “Similar Differences”, who featured members of Taj Mahal. Similar Differences played throughout the Napa Valley and San Francisco Area. After college, Kyle traveled throughout the South Pacific playing with many native acts which broadened his musical horizons even further. Upon returning to the states, Kyle joined forces with Northern California’s premier blues band, “Marshall Law”.

In 2001, Kyle relocated to Los Angeles and has since performed with a countless list of fantastic recording artists of all styles. It is with much excitement and anticipation that Kyle Wolverton‘s debut solo project, Soul Groove is being released on CDBaby.

Hiromi – Place To Be

If all the world is indeed a stage, pianist-composer Hiromi Uehara has played on just about every corner of it. Since the beginning of the decade, she has supported her impressive body of studio work with an ambitious tour schedule that has electrified audiences throughout the U.S. , Europe, Asia and elsewhere with performances that have pushed the limits of piano jazz to new frontiers of compositional and technical skills.

Each stop on her journey – be it the world-class metropolis, the quiet college town or something in between – has introduced her to a new and singular vibe that has left an indelible impression on her creative sensibilities. Indeed, she has come away from every new place with just as much as she has brought to it, and perhaps even more.

Hiromi chronicles just a few of the many places and moments where she has experienced the almost mystical exchange between performer and audience on Place To Be, her new CD on Telarc International, a division of Concord Music Group. The album, her first solo piano recording, is set for release on September 2, 2009, in Japan, and January 26, 2010, in the U.S..

“I really wanted the record to be a kind of travel journal,” she says. “I’ve traveled so much in the last few years that I’ve started to wonder exactly where is the place that I’m supposed to be. Traveling takes so much out of you. It can be exhausting. But as soon as I go on the stage and I see people who are very happy because of what I’m doing, it just erases all of the struggles and the craziness that can come with all the traveling, and it really fulfills me.”

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Stephan Earl – Origins

Somewhere between the atmospheric soundscapes of New Age, the hypnotic grooves of Chill, and the harmonic textures of Jazz, flows the music of Stephan Earl. His melodic focus is reminiscent of Classical composers with a unique and modern edge, while his rhythms and grooves paint with a distinctive pallet that is both enchanting and thought provoking.

Stephan’s debut album Origins is the culmination of years of passion and love for music. Inspired by music from across the globe and throughout time, the music is truly a work that defines the artist in this moment in time. Listen to his album at CDBaby.

Rocco Ventrella – Where Were You

When Rocco was 14 years old, he began to study clarinet at the Conservatory of Music of Bari and after four years Rocco got his first gig with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Petruzzelli’s Theatre of Bari, playing with great artists like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Josè Carreras, Katia Ricciarelli. After graduating Rocco began to study saxophone as self-taught and in meantime he participated to some “clinics” with David Liebman, Michael Brecker, Eric Marienthal, Lee Konitz.

From the 1985 to the 2005 Rocco played with great musicians like Dizzie Gillespie, Tony Scott, Eddie Davis, Lee Konitz, Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Lilian Terry, Bob Mintzer, Paolo Fresu, Tullio De Piscopo, Ernie Wilkins, Dusko Goykovic, Enrico Pieranunzi, Giorgio Gaslini,Bob Mintzer and more. In 2007, Rocco’s album Give Me The Groove received a Pre-Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.

Rocco’s new album is entitled Where Were You and is available at his website. Rocco is supported by the musicians Renato Falaschi (Rhodes), Sergio Bellotti (drums), Stefano Arcieri (acoustic accomp. and “wha” efx gtr.),  Ron Smith (acoustic guitar) and Dwayne “Smitty” Smith (bass).

Stan Barnes – The Way You Make Me Feel

Stan Barnes‘ new CD  The Way You Make Me Feel has music lovers once again excited. His approach to this compilation offers the hope that the Music Industry has long awaited. Stan is a highly energetic performer and entertainer that is not afraid to mix genres and styles to deliver great music to his listeners. His interpretation of the different styles of music through the years has grown into a respected artistic expression of sound and styles all of his own. You are absolutely going to love this CD.

A reader comments: “I was skeptical at first but then when I put it in and listened to the entire CD, I was blown away! Song after Song offered a different sound that touched me in a different way. As soon as I heard the song entitled Just Can’t Stay Away I was taken away, that song builds and builds into a very excited climax.

The title track The Way You Make Me Feel is all that and more. The sax flows through a melody that rides on top of a background line that pushes the song deeper and deeper into the palate of your ear. It is extraordinary. Stan is also a great cover artist.  I really enjoyed his remake of the track Don’t Change I can listen to that song all day. His ability to cover a song and give it a new identity while still staying true to the original expression and intention of the artist’s statement is astounding. This is never more seen than when listening to Baby Be Mine.  Over all this is a great project that will add to your musical appreciation and repertoire of good musical selections to choose from.”

The Way You Make Me Feel is now on sale at CDBaby.