Dean Krippaehne – Smooth Jazz (Vol 1)

Jazz artist Dean Krippaehne is a veteran songwriter, musician, author, visual artist and Film and TV music producer. His music has been heard on hundreds of TV shows, Film and New Media around the world including: Oprah, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Scorpion, Duck Dynasty, Parenthood, The Today Show, Vampire Diaries, House of Lies, One life to live, T-Mobile and Amazon Connect to name a few. He has also earned gold and platinum records as a songwriter and has decades of experience in the music industry founding both Seattle’s Tri-West Recording Studios and All Screen Music as well as co-founding the advertising company Spektrum and partnering in the Tech company NXT CHNL.

Dean’s first smooth jazz release (The Ph7 Project), a collaboration with producer Erik Hall, received rave reviews back in the late 1990’s and was the springboard for him to write and produce over 100 smooth jazz instrumentals for Mood Media’s (Muzak/DMX) environmental channel – thirty of which continue in worldwide rotation today. Dean Krippaehne Smooth Jazz (Vol 1) is the first official release of these works.

This album is now on sale at CDBaby.


Lin Rountree – Stronger Still

Chicago based trumpet player Lin Rountree returns to the charts with his sixth album Stronger Still (2018) on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records. Against many obstacles and challenges Lin has the power to spread his musical wings.
The list of musicians participating in his project is impressively extensive. Lin himself performs on his new album trumpet and on selected tracks keys, pads and programming. Lin has written all tracks, in part with other artists. Michael Broening has written one song and two together with Lin.

In the center of Lin’s music is the groove. He addresses this on all albums or I better say he celebrates the groove. The starting tune Pass the Groove is a fine prototype to set the audience into move. Even the romance is not left short. On My Time with You Darryl Dixon serves the right flavor with his acoustic guitar. Peter White couldn’t do it better.

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Neil Shilansky – Life Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

After years of performing on drum set and vibraphone with jazz and rock musicians, and playing shows for various local theaters, Neil Shilansky attended and received his Masters in Music Education degree in 2001 at the University of Hartford Hartt School of Music.  Today, Neil is a middle school band director at East Hampton Middle School in East Hampton, Connecticut. He also is an organist at Asylum Avenue Baptist Church in Hartford, CT. Neil performs on vibraphone and drums in the Hartford, CT area, and when time permits, composes concert band and jazz band music.

His new album is entitled Life Is a Marathon Not a Sprint and on sale at CDBaby.

Chris Soto – Guitar Expressions, Vol. 1

Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica and raised in Southern California. Chris Soto had the opportunity to play, perform and record with various bands while living and growing up in the city of Los Angeles, California, and more recently various restaurants that continuously enjoy his music and performances in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Chris has been here in Texas since 2007. He loves to write, produce, record and perform his own compositions and select cover music while having his own music label which is Cornerstone Records. His new album is Guitar Expressions, Vol. 1. Original Smooth Jazz and Contemporary Music from a seasoned musician that has over 30 years experience in performing music both in live and studio settings.

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Shawn Kingsberry – Peace Love and Happiness

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer Shawn Kingsberry creates full-bore fusion of jazz, neo-soul, and R&B that spreads smooth, soothing soundscapes. Shawn utilizes a blend of both live and analog instruments into a broad palette of electronic samples and sounds. Shawn developed a fantastic set of skills over years in the music business, which include working in a production unit of TJ Thompson, (Immature.) Also, he has also produced music for Harvey Alston, (Keith Sweat, Teddy Riley.) In many ways, Shawn Kingsberry has evolved into a poetic professor of his unique “Academy of Style.” Within the Shawn Kingsberry EP he beckons listeners to chillax inside the walls of his brand new, “old-school” sound.

He comments about his new album: “2017 was a year of reflection on where we are today, where we came from and where our compass headings will take us. As we wake up every day watching the news, listening to the radio, or reading the news feeds, we cannot escape the sadness, negativity, and violence surrounding us. Peace Love & Happiness is my attempt to escape the world by creating a place of music, soul, and happiness to bring joy to my listeners”.

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Eric Valentine & Velvet Groove – Velvet Groove

Washington, DC native multi-instrumentalist Eric Valentine is known by his performance as drummer on smooth jazz albums such as Blue Bolero, Don’t Talk, Dance! (Chris Standring), Another Time (Rocco Ventrella), Just Come On In (Nick Colionne), Here To Stay (Darryl Williams), Supersonic (Will Donato), Magical (Jonathan Fritzen), Groovin’ (Peter White) and many more.

Eric started his solo career with the album Eric Valentine’s Jazz Impressions in 2003. Now he returns with Velvet Groove (2018) on the label Matcha Entertainment LLC. Eric composed all songs, partly in collaboration with other musicians of the album with the exception of Joy Inside My Tears, which is written by Stevie Wonder.

Performing with Eric are Keith McKelley, Richard Elliot, Kirk Whalum; Elan Trotman, Gerald Albright (sax), Adam Hawley, Darrell Crooks; Kay-Ta Matsuno (guitar), Brian Simpson, Allyn Johnson (piano), Benjamin J. Shepherd, Dwayne “Smitty” Smith, Nathaniel Philips, Andre Berry, Darryl Williams (bass), Gary Stanionis, Munyungo Jackson (percussion), Anthony Crawford (keys), Greg Manning (synth, vocals), Rick Braun (trumpet), B. Valentine (lead vocals), and more.

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Gary Palmer – Coast 2 Coast

Coast 2 Coast is the newest music project by Gary Palmer who teamed up with veteran jazz artists such as two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown and jazz pianist Bob Baldwin, guitarist David P Stevens, guitarist Kay-Ta Matsuno, pianist Tim Watson, vocalist Kevin Foster and guitarist Nils.

The new album is available on CDBaby.