Denis Farfone – Timeless

‘It’s a passion. If I don’t do it, it’s like not breathing,’ he says. ‘I was blessed with a very different type of sound,’ he says. ‘I can play soft and sweet and driving and dirty on the same song.’ ‘I take my music very seriously. I nurture it, respect it,’ says Denis Farfone. ‘I,m not a moonlighter, I’m very professional, and I think people appreciate that.’ ‘I am so passionate, so blessed, so lucky,’ Farfone says. ‘I had gotten back to writing and maybe playing a gig,’ Farfone says of his start in 2005. ‘I started to write all of these songs and was having so much fun I just decided I would keep doing it. So playing all original songs just made sense.’ And play all original songs he does – his current catalog includes more than 300 songs from his more than 25 solo albums, like ‘Celebration Of Life’ and ‘Dream Catcher’ to lesser-known gems.

Timeless is his newest project. A smooth silky yet vibrant soprano saxophone will take you to the moon and back! The album is available on CDBaby.


Greg Chambers – A New Day

Saxophonist Greg Chambers has five trumps in his hand. City Lights (2006), Greg Chambers (2011), After Hours (2013), Can’t Help Myself (2014) and A New Day (2018).

The new album will be released June 21, 2018. For the purpose of quality assurance, Greg has brought in the best producers and musicians the smooth jazz market has to offer. The liner notes mention Matt Godina (keyboards, bass, & drum programming), Nate Harasim (guitar, keyboards, drum programming, synths), Paul Brown (guitars), Lew Laing (keyboards, bass & drum programming), who also have written the tracks in cooperation with Greg.

The project is also joined by David P. Stevens (lead & rhythm guitars), Roberto Vally (bass), Kenji Matsui and Adam Hawley (guitars), Rodney Franklin (keyboards), Preston Smith, Lin Rountree (flugelhorn) and Nils (guitar).

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Tower of Power – Soul Side of Town

Tower of Power – the most dynamic and distinctive band among Soul survivors music – is experiencing its unprecedented 50th anniversary with a dynamic album consisting of new material. A passionate endeavor, definitely soul side of town. A package of 14 guaranteed filler-free songs. As always, the songs were mainly from the founding members Emilio Castillo and Stephen “Doc” Kupka who also composed the world famous 5-man Keep Tower of Power Horns at bay.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Tower of Power, Leader Emilio Castillo brought together both mastering engineer Bernie Grundman and Joe Vannelli as co-producers. In addition to the legendary rhythm section Drums and Bass Lock by David Garibaldi and Francis Rocco Prestia TOP consists of guitarist Jerry Cortez, Hammond B3 Organizer / keyboardist Roger Smith, the 1st tenor saxophonist Tom Politzer and the trumpeters Adolfo Acosta and Sal Cracchiolo.

Soul Side of Town is also blessed with two lead singers: outgoing Ray Greene and the new Marcus Scott (bravely featured on several pieces, including ‘Hangin’ With My Baby “). The 10-headed band Tower of Power is ready to go on a solemn tour (fall). Sweet-spots around the globe will involve losing the ground under your feet. This album was released in April, 2018 on Mack Avenue, available in all stores.

Nellrock Jazz – Finally

The album Finally features 9 original songs plus 3 covers, entirely performed and recorded by Darnell Robinson. The 3 covers include “All Blues,” “Friends and Strangers,” and “Black Frost.”

Nellrock Jazz presents Finally on CDBaby.

Soul Basement – Oneness

Soul Basement are Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Fabio Puglisi (keys, bass, drums) and Texan soul singer Jay Nemor (vocals, sax).  In 2016 they released  the album What We Leave Behind, now followed by the sophomore album Oneness (2018).

Originally founded by Puglisi in 1997 as a four piece ensemble the formation has been undergoing some major changes. Hopefully the band stabilizes itself by the expected success. The concept of the new album is identical to his predecessor with eight new songs of the above mentioned musicians.

Blessed by nature with a voice like Gil Scott-Heron singer Jay Nemor sets anew the dominant accent with his characteristic vocals. Confident looking to the future, the group starts with Better Days. A song that revolves around an everyday relationship story. More important is the beautiful voice and the exquisite professionally placed accompanying music.

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Rhythm Jets – Rhythm Island

Rhythm Jets is a new entity but its members have worked and performed with a plethora of stars including Earl Klugh, Boyz II Men, Bob James, Stewart Copeland, Susan Tedeschi, Jeff Beck, Chuck Mangione plus movie credits in “A Joyful Noise” and “What to Expect When you are Expecting”. Prominent performances also include World Series and headlining in Vegas plus countless recording sessions.The debut album Sound Barrier was released in July of 2014 to rave reviews highlighting excellent musicianship, great production and strong songwriting.

Their new album is Rhythm Island. The idea was to create something new by mixing Latin, pop, island rhythms with powerful melodies played on instruments you don’t find together. We hope you find strong melodies played by steel drums, lap steel guitars and saxophone very soothing and energizing all at the same time.

Get the new album on their website.

Roussell White II – WYSIWYG: Chapter One

30 years strong in the art of music, Roussell White II performs and records globally playing trumpet and flugelhorn. Roussell’s sound embodies WYSIWYG – “what you see is what you get.”- with a unique sound that is bold, authentic, and unapologetic. Are you ready for the WYSIWYG experience? Inspired by artistic greats such as Stevie Wonder, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, and George Duke, Roussell’s music is a sensual blend of Smooth Jazz and R&B’s Quiet Storm.

Enjoy the smooth, sensual, and easy funk sounds of Roussell’s debut CD, WYSIWYG throughout your day, on your drive or just during your “down-time.” This album is a mixture of live and studio recordings, now for download only at CDBaby.