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George Duke – Déjà Vu

His imposing appearance signals: George Duke is the heavyweight of contemporary jazz. His music is legend and inestimable. George has performed with the most important musicians of the last century and his spectrum ranges from jazz to funk, from soul to pop.

His previous album Dukey Treats (2008) was a funky mental, physical and spiritual healing. The return to the funny funk in the style of George Clinton’s Parliament. His new album Déjà Vu is another flashback to the sound of the past.

“The whole idea behind Déjà Vu was to take a look back at some of the stuff I used to do that was a little more musically challenging,” comments Duke. “In some way or another, whatever happened before always comes around again. It may be a little different, but it will resurface. That’s kind of what this album is – a resurfacing of some ideas I had back in the ‘70s when I recorded albums with a lot of synthesizers, like Feel and The Aura Will Prevail.

George Duke welcomes on his new album many great musicians of the smooth jazz scene like Michael Manson (bass), Paul Jackson (guitars), Ronald Brunner jr. (drums), Nicholas Payton (trumpet), Everette Harp (sax), Ray Fuller (guitar), Bob Sheppard (sax) and many more. He holds all cards in his hand with a full house.

The introducing track is simply entitled A Melody. Latin flavored in the good old fashion way singers Terry Dexter, Lynne Fiddmont, Lamont Van Hook and Shannon Pearson let it swing. George Duke’s sophisticated approach to the synthesizers speaks a lot about his deep masterly knowledge of these instruments.

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John Blackwell Project – 4ever Jia

This album is about redemption, rebirth and truth, coupled with the musician’s love of their art and the song. It features musicians who have been heard on thousands of CDs playing what they want to play how they want to play it. It features performances from folks who have played with James Taylor, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Carly Simon, Alicia Keys, Carly Simon, Chaka Khan, Cameo, Hall & Oates and many, many more.

They have played on songs which have formed much of the soundtrack of the last thirty years. For a musician, performance and writing and recording is art, catharsis and just what they do. In the case of this CD, the death of John Blackwell‘s daughter Jia (to whom the album is dedicated), meant that this record was a necessary release of emotion and love.

To achieve that aim, John surrounded himself with like minded musicians who shared the desire to do something different: to tap into the jazz tradition and to play with soul and funk; to draw on personal and musical inspiration; to pay tribute to those who came before and at the same time to leave their own legacy on the musical world. This is a self released CD which always strove to put the music and the musician first and has succeeded in doing so. It pays homage to past trailblazers but never loses its own spirit: a spirit which is unique among much of the music available today. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing!

For all friends of jazz funk and jazz fusion my recommendation, listen to this album at CDBaby.