Rafael Greco – Dice Que Vive Signs Of Life

dicequevivesignsoflife-1Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Rafael Creco was born in Maracaibo. He graduated from the prestigious José Luis Paz Conservatory as a regular member of the National Youth Orchestra.

In 1988 he moved from Zulia to Caracas, where he continued his studies. In his home country, he enjoys a successful career as a member of Venezuela’s premier group, the multi-Latin Grammy Award winners, Guaco. He has toured the world with them for decades. In addition, Rafel is also a children’s book author and gifted photographer.

Now he will release this debut album on Blue Canoe Records. On it Rafael gets support from guest musicians such as Steve Khan (guitar), Randy Brecker (trumpet & braces) etc. This album is a tribute to his family, but also to his home country, and to his memories.

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