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Hidden Symmetry – Nine Plus One

NinePlusOneHidden Symmetry is music written by Carl Eichman. Carl hails from St. Clair Shores, MI, studied guitar & french horn along with composition, scoring & big band jazz performance. The music is a blend of genres including smooth jazz, fusion, rock, pop & symphonic.

In 2001 Carl started writing, recording & releasing his self produced material online under the band name Hidden Symmetry. Many of his projects feature internet collaborations with artists & musicians worldwide.

His newest project is Nine Plus One (2022) featuring Bill Lawrence, Brandon Meeks, Guiseppe Zanca, Luca Dechert, Jason Meekins, Nicola Polidori, Gernot Dechert, Paul Callander, Luca Caccuciolo and Carl Eichman.

You can stream this album on all major platforms.