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Brendan Rothwell – Destiny

brendan_rothwell_destinyBrendan Rothwell is an accomplished Anglo-Canadian bassist, composer and producer. With extensive global radio play and a multi-million stream count across the primary digital music platforms, his music continues to attract a growing audience.

Brendan describes the 1986 album from Miles Davis,“Tutu”, featuring the great Marcus Miller, as the trigger and driving force for his decision to play the bass. The art of business and leadership is inextricably linked in all of Brendan’s projects, and he firmly believes in applying a business mindset to the industry of music.

As his brand and signature sound have become more prominent, Brendan has been invited to play on original tracks with well-known artists from the contemporary/smooth jazz genre including Tony Saunders, Reza Khan and Wayne Gutshall among others. He was the musical host for the artist jam sessions at the 2020 Jazz Weekender festival in Carmel, CA. Continue reading