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Reggie Parker – True Friend

TrueFriendGospel music lovers know Reggie Parker from his years of touring and recording with such notables as the Reverend Hezekiah Walker, James Hall in the 90’s.  R&B and hip-hop fans have heard his distinctive bass lines accompanying Will Smith and Coolio, among others.

He has proven himself as an in-demand sideman many times over – now he’s finally stepping into the spotlight on his own. Reggie calls his musical abilities a God-given gift rather than a talent.  Growing up in Brooklyn, he took inspiration from the music he heard in the church of his father, the late Reverend Joe L. Parker. He also absorbed the classic R&B/pop sounds of everyone from Stevie Wonder and the Jackson Five to Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross.

His new album True Friend (2022) can be streamed on all major platforms.