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East Of West – Crossing Borders

277252078_10224085318738341_6496801940755800916_nEast of West: Two artists living at opposite sides of the continent came together to achieve one common goal, compose and perform their music. Steve Jeffrey, bassist, and John Cardoso, drummer, are the writers and producers of “Crossing Borders,” an inspiring compilation of contemporary jazz music. Steve and John originally joined forces in central California as band mates in the late 1980’s playing with local rock bands. Although both veered off toward separate career paths, they never lost contact with one another, thus forming a perpetual music bond. Steve moved to Boston to pursue a degree at Berklee College of Music, while John relocated to Los Angeles and graduated from the Grove School of Music and worked as a freelance drummer.

Due to a rare retinal condition, Steve unexpectedly started to lose his eyesight. Realizing he was unable to continue his musical compositions alone, Steve called his friend John for help. John immediately flew to Boston, which marked the beginning of a bi-coastal collaboration that became East of West. John selected the remaining professional musicians needed to complete the ensemble through his connections with instructors and several key people at Grove. Within the year, Steve found himself in Los Angeles recording “Crossing Borders.”

Upon completing the CD, John moved to the east coast to seal the geographic gap. Initial experimentation with “Crossing Borders” on was the primary step in marketing the CD to generate interest. The success was astounding, which led John and Steve to begin mass production of the CD.

The album is still available on