Ricardo Martinez – 143rd. Street

143rdStreetRicardo Martinez has been in the music business for 30+ years, working in every imaginable situation. From touring the world with pop sensation Chayanne to playing Jazz gigs at local clubs, from writing songs to playing banjo at the opera and everything in between. This also includes recording sessions from jingles to big-budget projects with different artists, playing in diverse showcases all over the country, performing at the most famous venues in the world, arranging music for different bands, producing demos and tracking final basses at his home studio, as well as commercial studios. Ricardo has 9 Grammy participation credits (7 nominations and 2 wins) and is the first-call bassist for many national and international artists.

Now he is releasing his debut album 143rd. Street (2022). After 15 years in the making, it is a collection of 11 songs (9 originals and 2 covers arranged and adapted by the artist) and a gathering of great musicians, including world-renowned musicians such as trumpet player Jose Sibaja, among others, and a host of amazing musicians from different parts of the world, as well. All songs were written by Ricardo Martinez, except Tell me by Ilan Chester and Red Baron by Billy Cobham.

Stream or download the album at Amazon.

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