Najee – Savoir Faire

SavoirFaireWhat is so special about an established musician who has helped shape the history of his time with his music for over four decades? Is it his skill, knowledge, experience, or talent? Najee sums it up with Savoir Faire.

The term is of French origin and describes the knowledge of that certain something. It’s all about tact, subtlety and differentiation in detail. That state that distinguishes the expert of an instrument from a musical legend, who for a variety of reasons can always show off a little more. A music title that sets a sign and at the same time a statement.

Multicolored like the shirt Najee wears on the cover picture is also the compilation of songs that make up the overall picture of this album. The project is characterized by the different traits of the musicians involved as there are listed in the credits. The selection of musicians includes many of the smooth jazz scene but also a large number of greats unknown to me.

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