Threestyle – Better Days

277805841_5351966804827953_6186758290255677640_nAlthough at home in Munich Threestyle has meanwhile the status of an International formation. Formed by saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and guitarist Robert Fertl this musical diamond is worth listening to in any case.

For the new project both could win the following musicians: James L. Manning (bass), Lew Laing (keyboards), Gabriela Konrad (drums, percussion), Damon Dae (vocals), Tim Owens (vocals), Latonya Black Gilliard (vocals), DW3 (vocals), Ashley Sankey (vocals),  Elvis Stanic (guitar) and Robert Vally (bass). From the lineup, it’s easy to see that this album has its focus in the vocal realm.

The team has made a point of working out the pieces with the musicians involved. The album opens with Living In This House presenting singer Damon Dae. Dae is the featured vocalist on a total of six tracks, so it’s fair to think of him as the main performer on this album. His smoky tenor voice is distinct and puts the album’s emphasis on soul and R&B.

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